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Antidote For Ignorance: Can a Brotha Spare Some Change?

Matters not if you are a Whig, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or Dontgiveadamnican, the Bush years were tough for a lot of folks. By the time 2008 rolled around we had been dealt a hand trumped with economic and social despair.

Just when Bush seemed to be down to the cardboard spool sitting there with his drawz around his ankles here comes a ray of hope in the form of a barely known fella out of Chicago with a fresh new roll of toilet paper and some air freshener to clean up.

Like the bum at the grocery store we found ourselves begging for change. “uhhhh….skuze me, Mr. Obama sir….I’m hungry, out of work, foreclosures are through the roof, my kids schools are failing, the stock market is rickety, two wars are raging, banks aren’t lending, the earth is burning up, republicans and democrats won’t stop fighting, hard working immigrants are afraid of being deported, rich lobbyists have influence that common folk can’t match, gay folks can’t legally unite, health care is too expensive, and marijuana is still illegal. So….uhhhh, Mr. President….please, Brutha, can you spare a voter some change?”

As most of us have done, we make promises to the pauper before we go into the store. We pat our pockets as if we don’t know exactly how much money we do or do not have and respond with a promise, “oh…uhh…when I come out I gotchu!”

Over 30 million excited new registered voters between the ages of 18-30 carried the shining star of hope to 1600 Penn Ave. as he promised to give us quite a bit of change before going in. Now here we are a little more than a year out from that historical day in DC where the celebratory paraphernalia ranged from Obama cereal, Obama O’s….”Hope in Every Bowl” to Obama condoms protecting all Americans.

So why don’t we empty our jagged styrofoam cups to see how much change we got from Mr. Obama during his first year in office. A quick google or bing search for “Obama’s 1st year” will show us the big ticket successes and failures, so let’s take a peak at a few of the more obscure promises and changes.

* During the campaign John Edwards and Hillary Clinton wanted all of us to have to buy health insurance (mandate). Candidate Obama was a
staunch opponent of the mandate. Fast forward to the current wobbly health care debacle and Obama has switched his position to include the mandate.

* Under Bush there were really
tight restrictions on family travel and money transfers to Cuba by Cuban-Americans. In April 2009 it was announced that Obama would direct “the secretaries of state, treasury and commerce to carry out the actions necessary to lift all restrictions on the ability of individuals to visit family members in Cuba and to send them remittances."

* Obama and Biden got together on the campaign trail and promised us they would reform mandatory minimum sentences. Yep…these lil monsters, which ain’t so minimum were passed in 1986 with the intention of nabbing drug kingpins. Hmmmm….not so much. These laws, which required judges to deliver fixed sentences to individuals convicted of a crime regardless of the circumstances ended up increasing the prison population five-fold with mostly…..waaiiiit for it….yep….Black folk! So on page
654 of the 655-page National Defense Authorization Act of 2010, Sec. 4713 contains a "Report on mandatory minimum sentencing provisions."

* For you folks that got fired in this economic burndown and were eligible for unemployment, you have Brotha Obama to thank for the
extension on benefits that, by the way, ends February 28, unless congress steps in to deflect.

Well…..we can go on all blog about what Prez has done and not done (and we will in future posts). One thing is for sure, he has a lot of work to do. If he knew what he was getting himself into before he went into the stall is neither here nor there.
He is in the sh!tter now and it stinks.

Soldiers are still in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan ain’t going anywhere, unemployment is at almost ten percent, folks with jobs are still broke, and Gauntanamo is till open. Blaming the dude who went into the stall before you doesn’t really work. But, as the bum laying outside asking for money, it wouldn’t hurt Obama if we were to get up off our able-bodied a$$es and get to work our damn selves.

With my two cents in your pocket,
Benjamin Alain Adams

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Q.A.Bradford Comment by Q.A.Bradford on February 25, 2010 at 8:08pm
The success of America has always revolved around entrepreneurship. Every government in the country should be looking for ways to increase the amount of business owners, opportunities and foreign trade on both domestic and foreign levels.

But don't be some sorry ass bum, asking "what can you do for me?"
"Ask, what can I do for my country?" Which starts with you first.
Just keep it legal. Morality is relative.
Comment by mikal haley on February 25, 2010 at 1:41pm
our problem?

we were so disgusted with GWB and his team for eight years.
he's "out" of powr, now. can't hurt us anymore. right?
so we can focus on Rocko.

Not realising that he is The Curtain

and what we are actually doing is being tricked into paying no attention to the man behind that curtain.

I am not fooled. anarchists are anarchists are anarchists. the most i can say is that Rocko (as in Ba "Rocko" Bama) is not the problem.

GWB and his FATHER and their old-boy network remain the problem. that -- and American blindness to the real problems of corpocracy. An Evil Team -- a secret conspiracy -- exist -- men like Pat Buchanan, Rush Limbaugh -- ideologues who lie about freedom and who are backers of oppression -- they conspire and plan to block ANY polulist agenda that the man Obama might bring to the table.

masters of Deception and Denial (you all remember D&D, that role-playing game, right?) --

the evil Donjon Masters of Advanced Deception and Denial basically-- they have A GUN pointed at the heads of Sasha and Malia and Michelle all the time. It's cliche and COINTELPRO to think that Barack's life might be in danger -- but the slavers have always been torturers, threateners, extortionists.

the real problem remains the GOP. In fact, focusing on Rocko to find some way to blame him is sadly counterintutive


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