... the other Black experience

now, other than my daughter + her grandmother whose first words to me were: you're some kind of indian, aren't you???, most people, just by
looking at me, can not tell that i am, es veredad, soy
latino - had my father stuck around, i would have the same name as the
Jet's quarterback (Mark Sanchez, for those of you who don't do
football)...but, the fact is, he didn't stick around - he bounced before
i was born, which is why my surname, Wright, is my mother's maiden name
- because it was her + her family who raised me...i don't recall
learning my father's identity until after i was 21, even though my mom
says that she told me who he was long before that, and i have only met
the man, upon learning of my genetic heritage - not a lot
really changed for me: seeing as how i grew up in new mexico, the
general majority of my friends were brown to begin with, seeing as how
the majority of people around me were hispanic, so, other than my
culinary preferences + comfort foods, not much about me screams out
vato...while it's true that my favorite poet is pablo neruda and my
favorite band/musician are my bruthas in stoic frame + their lead singer
keith sanchez, them being latino doesn't really play a part in my love
for them - my love for them comes from the strength and beauty of their
message and their, those who know me well know that i love
the womens and color/race has never really been a factor in the why of
me dating someone - to me a pretty girl is a pretty girl - regardless of
race...well, i guess i can't say regardless, because, often times, the
color of their skin + their natural hair serves to greatly enhance their
physical beauty...i have occasionally been asked what my "type" of girl
is and, honestly, body type doesn't play a huge role in it, because i
find beauty in women of all shapes, sizes, and colors - my "type", per
se, is this: caring, compassionate, loving, intelligent, understanding,
open minded, adventurous, and mischevious...and every woman i have dated
has been these, physically, i will profess a long
standing weakness for redheads and i do tend to love the curvy god, how i love the curvy girls...but, i did have a long +
passionate affaire des lettres avec our beloved femnerd up there and,
while twyla is nether thick, nor overtly curvy, her legs, ass, eyes,
smile, and voice are absolutely to die for, in my humble,
unlike twyla, i have never felt the need to change my race - do i listen
to a lot of rap, r+b, hip hop, soul, and blues??? i a wigga,
or a wanksta??? no - my love of those types of music comes from two very
decidedly white places - i get everything but the rap + hip hop from my
maternal grandmother, who raised me on country, rockabilly, early rock,
jazz, big band, gospel, and blues - like me, grandma wright was just
down w/good music + vibrations....the rap + hip hop thing comes mostly
from my little brother - being six years older than him, i was already a
fan of public enemy, grandmaster flash + the furious 5, ice t, ll cool
j, and a tribe called quest, while my liking of jodeci, boyz II men, and
most soul comes from me trying to mac on the girls i grew up
around...however, it is pretty well known that i'm a fxn nomad and, when
i miss home, in addittion to flamenco + reggae/dub/reggaeton, i start
listening to a lot of gangsta rap because it reminds me of my little
brother - the person in my family, aside from my mother, that i am
closest to...had it not been for dj, i would not be a fan of cypress
hill, nwa, 2pac, ice cube, icp, get the point...but, while i
do love tha rhymes + tha beats, i have never dressed, acted, or tried
to play myself off as a b-boy because, even though my father's genes
kept my ass from falling off @ puberty, it is also a fact that, other
than swing/waltz/and drunken two step, this vato can't dance...i can't -
i look like fxn michael stipe when i do - anyone who has ever gone to a
rave w/me will tell you, while i have only been the object
of racism a couple of times myself, i will admit that when i was in
south carolina, some peoples got on my last muthaphuckin nerve - why???
because the 2 girls i had serious relationship in my time out there were
2 very black and very beautifull, i am a person who
generally doesn't give a fuck what the world at large thinks and i live
very openly and totally unashamed - whenever i am in a relationship, i
am always that guy who is holding his girl's hand + kissing on her in
public...yes, i know you want to punch me, but i don't give a fuck -
when i love someone, i want the whole world to know and i make no
apologies for, in charleston, i remember the looks i would get
from people as i walked through the mall, or went out to eat w/ayo, or
jessica...oh yes, there were the dirty looks from all sides - crackers
getting salty because i was, in their mind, diluting the white race
(even though i'm as white as President Obama), and brothers who would
give me the eye when i was out w/either of these beautifull women
because, damn!!! that's just one more thing the white devils be stealing
from us!!! and, what really surprised me, was the unsolicited advice i
would sometimes get as to how i would be better off dating someone of my
own race...where the hell am i supposed to find another 1/4 irish, 1/4
scott, 1/4 mexican, 1/4 white mountain/mescalero apache??? man if i'm
supposed to just date within my "race", i'm gonna live + die alone!!!
but, fuck it, in some/most places, it is what it is...all i've gotta say
is never let other people's prejudices be a factor in determining who
you love and never be ashamed to openly love who you love...

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Comment by Mark Wright on November 28, 2010 at 9:36pm
i do what i can...
Comment by Twyla on November 26, 2010 at 3:49am
<3 this whole fuckin post.
And <3 how you haven't changed a bit.


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