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Nothing kicks off the weekend like like a bit of resentment, Am I Right?! (j/k)

A few days ago, i was having a discussion with a friend about the the kids from our highschools. We went thru old pics, searched FB and took a look at how everyone was doing now. And a pattern emerged almost immediately.

The theme for that day..."Oh How The Mighty Have Fallen." Back then, people like me ( and probably people like you) were the weirdos;oreos;oddballs;blacksheeps;whitewashed muthaf&^^$. I straddled the fence between geek and acceptable most of my highschool career. Dont get me wrong, i was most definitely a weirdo, but the "cool" guys secretly wanted to f&**% me, so even though i took shit for not giving them the time of day, i never faced real bullying or anything. I'd say i was a solid 7 on the dweeb-o-meter fo sho tho.

But Now... the cools of yesterday seem to be the unoringinals of today. They've peaked early, and all of us ( who had to embrace our individuality as youngsters) seem to get the credit we deserve. When i wore "white clothes".... got my ears septum pierced....any time someone stole a peek at my Ipod....I caught flack, but the new Rap meets Rock trend has changed things alot. I think we Afro Punks are "IN" right now....and its uber weird and quite creepy. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this.....

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Comment by Ralliebox on July 9, 2012 at 9:11pm

I live in a place where blacks (a lil less than half) bang out to Hip Hop, Reggae , and Rock quite heavily. High School days , i didn't catch it as much because we all were into it (although they didn't understand my chains n shyt). The few scattered white kids knew, as well as we, that we were banging out to our music. Luckily for me, we were never judged as "wanting to be white..etc" we were kids who knew our history.. Rock on

Comment by Chris The Pusher on July 6, 2012 at 3:30am

I definitely have! Interestingly enough I have practically experienced the same you did in high school. The black kid trying to be  white" super nerdy and a music taste that made me seem like I was messed up in the head because I've always thought Kanye West was garbage. I was never really bullied either...mostly poked fun for not being black enough for my fellow brethren and too black for everybody else because I would bring a sack lunch with half way warn fried chicken mac and cheese and sweet tea. Im from's a country thing! haha! But, I can totally resonate with this being in my late 20's now it seems like after all this time it's finally cool to do what I've been doing all along!  

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