... the other Black experience

   It's pretty much "old hat" that it's hard to find good images of black goths on the inernet or anywhere else, for that matter. When I first began to examine this subculture, I collected a ton of pictures_ most of them of white goths. I didn't care at first, because race wasn't the issue but I knew black goths were out there so I kept my eyes, and hope open.

   In time I ran across one or two half-way decent pictures of black goths. I took what I could find but I wanted to see pictures of black models of the same high fashion sense, as the best of the white goth images.

  This was a thing sorely lacking...

  Until now.

   I posted two videos on my page. I'll let them speak for themselves.


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Comment by Monique Little on January 3, 2012 at 4:32pm

Sigh Sidhe- Cool ass site! Thanks for posting it : )

Comment by jet fuel perfume on January 3, 2012 at 11:39am

here's something i put together

its basically a collection of tumblogs featuring alt ethnic people

Comment by Satan's Crow on December 21, 2011 at 2:47am

   Quick comment as I see you may bo on line now. Very enlightening words. I haven't finished reading it all yet but I'm thinking, I need to tell you you're wrong more often.

Comment by Monique Little on December 21, 2011 at 2:40am

Look at the roles that denzel, and morgan, and even samuel jackson has played. There are either mentoring someone white-whether they are good or bad- or some wise man, sort of figure, even often giving their lives up like Jesus for the white characters. Now, i do not always like it but i do not just look at thing on face value. I dissect and and look beneath the layers. I can trace my family back 7 generation, on both sides and that is only on the census. We are peole of oral traditions and story telling. Many of us did not tale census because we did not trust the white man, and knew that he can rewrite and reword 'history' the way that he wanted to, and he still does this today. Just look at the confusion cause about the racial background of the ancient Egyptians, that should not even be a question about their races, and Egypt was also everywhere. Egypt is not the original name just one of many, and it was more massive then some little ass country that they chose to call Egypt today. Not only that there writing system/or hieroglyphs as the Greeks called it, was used by various Africans and blacks, you can even find them used by there early natives of America as well. This is why all blacks have such interest in Egypt because we inherently know they are us, and the ancestors are pushing for us to learn about them, who are us. And if it wasn't for the effort of many American or western born blacks the white man would have completely gotten away with perpetrating the lie of ancient white Egypt. Just as he is trying to 'whiten' up native Americans, the 'red man' is just the first step, soon he will be called the 'white man' lol. just as he tried and is still trying to whiten up the aboriginals of Australia, and elsewhere because he has no real history past 6,000yrs, and within those 6,000 he did not rule much, nor for very long, nor did he do so consistently but wants you to believe that, so you can believe that he is indeed superior. Everyone is given a chance to rule, but responsibly, without interfering with others way of life and hurting them even if you dont like or agree with them.

Comment by Monique Little on December 21, 2011 at 2:11am

Lastly, i have not heard of The book and author you mentioned but it sounds very interesting, i shall check it out. I am a black native American, Yamasse Muskogee, full blooded and both u and your uncle could be as well. The is a lot of talk about the Olmec, and how they supposedly disappeared and that is totally BS. they did not just vanish in thin air, if so where did they go? Nowhere! It is so much, that i say say of this matter it's not even funny, and it still angers me that there is a concentrated effort to omit who we are from history books. But there are books out there, but most peole are not aware. They are also alot of books that only give you part truth. I can understand you uncle anger toward not wanting to be called afro because we want to be identified and excepted for who he is, not necessary to say he isn't black because we are called the black native or black indian to distinguish are selves from the red man. We understand that we and Africans are one family and both of us are the original people of the planet, and we were suppose to be the caretakers of it but many of us fucked up and made mistakes. This planet was our responsibility, and at the same time we can never be destroyed completely as a race, and everything we master from science to sports-we will always dominate, because nature works with us in this realm,we are the children of the sun and 'god'. But I do not say that with arrogence because that comes with great responsibility and when we fuck up or fall we fall the hardest. We still have a responcabily to work with nature and be nurturers for all. This is why we were and still are today preferred as nanny's. Look at all of your movies were the white women or children ran to there black nanny before they did there own mothers. Blacks are not directing these movies lol. Regardless if they are seen as putting black in a subservient light, look at what they are showing you about our nurturing spirit. We are seen as nurturers even by ones who are suppose to be our enemies. It is something that we radiate. Yes, you do have you 'bad' mothers, but even the bad ones show much love to there children so much so, that they cant be strict toward them. Hell, some nannies even treated there employees children better then their own.

Comment by Monique Little on December 21, 2011 at 1:53am


And Christians speak non of these languages. At least Jews learn Hebrew to read the Torah, not some watered down english version, but make no mistake much of there stuff is also watered down but they have just a little more truth then Christians do. most, if not all english words are different words put together to form new words. I am looking into getting an old Oxford dictionary as well.

Comment by Monique Little on December 21, 2011 at 1:52am

I own a black's law dictionary and an old ass book on etymology, which i recommend to anyone in order to decode the english language. Which is becoming harder to find because they keep 'updating' everything, replacing them with 'new versions'(which means exactly that) or making them not available to the public. the prefix 'Ab' when added to any word means to take away or to stray or part/ a characteristic of something. So, even though they may now defined aboriginal as being synonymous with indigenous, is not correct. Why would there even be a need to call someone aboriginal oppose to original or simply indigenous, or native. And you know aboriginal cant simply mean original because it has that 'ab' in front of it, why have it at all and just say original. The aboriginals are not the original peole of Australia, but black Africans were. The aboriginal are mixed, there for the straight to curly hair texture but they still have strong features similar to many Africans today, and they are called 'black peole' in Australia. There was also a huge effort to racially mix them as much as possible as a form of racial genocide, but you can still find (though they rarely even show them) big lipped, nappy headed native Australians too. My personal belief is that they mixed with the original neanderthals, which contributes to how many of them look too. when you look up a word there are several definitions, for just one word, usually the last or second to last definition is the original meaning. I was told by someone very wise, especially to the law that if i want to know the real meaning of english words, get a black's law dictionary. They update the dictionary for the same reason why they update bibles, to edit it for the times and for the individuals specific agenda. For example there are so many wholes that can be poked in the bible so they had to keep changing it to keep peole following it. Did you know that in law or the judicial system everyday english words mean something totally different to the point were you can incriminate your self with out even knowing it because of what you think words mean or what the Webster dictionary may defined them to mean on this side of the looking glass.  English is also the most confusing and ridiculous language as well because you can not say what you mean and mean what you say, so to speak. It is said to have been created as a coded language. And you can curse some one using words in the english and put spells on people with it without someone knowing. This is why people like myself always have to study entomology in our craft, and sciences. It is like a jedi tool, lol. The word Wife means whore, for example-did u know that? English is a bastard language that took words from preexisting languages, so to truly study it you have to go back, before so called english existed. So, you literally have people speaking english not even knowing what there saying, because the haven't really studied english and they dont teach you this in english class. So, you have peole even cursing  them selves without even knowing it. The Illuminati, and witches know this and they are the one who set up the school curriculum's. How can they teach you english and not the origin of a word? Pay attention to how politicians speak and the language they use and you will see them casting spelling right in front of your face, smiley and chuckling because folks are so oblivious. Even the bible says 'in the beginning, there was the word..' And Jesus said 'i have come to fight the principals of darkness, that which you CAN NOT see' meaning that which is not immediately obvious, hidden from the laymen eye. Even the bible has code truth, is was after all written by what is called masons and secret societies. The bible is not to be read, it is is be decoded. How can christen know what the bible says, when they dont even know the languages of the bible, which is not even original in english, nor Greek but Aramaic. And Christians spea

Comment by Satan's Crow on December 19, 2011 at 11:21pm

   Hmm I see the robot ate some of my comments too. It cut off at a good point though so I'll leave well enough alone. Not to worry though, as long as you want them I have more words for you.

Comment by Satan's Crow on December 19, 2011 at 11:18pm

You are a black native American? So you're saying that there were black people here as well as black indians before Europe showed up? That's interesting. I have an uncle in Baltimore who doesn't want to hear any crap about him being Afro American. He says there is no Afro in him, he say's his grandmother was a black indian. My uncle is very cool and he's all about the family. He's got a family tree diagram hanging in his dinning room and pictures of relatives going back several generations. He use to be a sargant in the army and has many interesting stories to tell about how things were between blacks and white in his time. He say's he never took any shit from whites, he treated everyone as he wanted to be treated but he kissed no one's ass. I think he tells the truth cause that's the way he is now. He's an excellent role model for black males.

    Your comments on the word "aboriginal " are interesting but the dictionary says it means the original people of a place. The thesaraus list indigenous as an alternative word to it. Of course, we can play like super militant black militants and just say, "Well look who writes the dictionaries."

    You know more about indians and blacks then I do I gather. Friends I can learn new things from, I can always use.

   What I love the best about all you said was your little rant toward the end there about the evils of humanity. Woman, I love you. For a minute I thought I had wrote that shit! Have you ever read any Any Rand? The Fountainhead is my all-time favorite novel. There's a scene in which one of the protagonist, a female character  makes the comment that when one hears the word "mankind" one thinks of something bright and full of glory but when you look at the people around you, there is nothing in them to feel bright and glorious about. That's a bad-ass novel. It's the closest thing I have to a bible. I think there is even a scene in the book that explains alternative subcultures_ the main protagonist, on trial for blowing up a building he designed but the builders breached the contract by adding changes to it_ he say's as he starts his defense that he doesn't mind conforming in some ways, wearing the same kind of clothes as others and things like that. When I read that line it occured to me that there are people who DO mind conformining even to that extent and there is no logical reason in the world why they have to. Any Rand was nuts in some ways but she'll always be my girl. I would not be the person I am today if it were not for her ideas.

    What type of job will you be going to in GA? I mentioned maybe going to New Orleans but a move I really plan to make one day not too far off is somewhere where it is warm all year around. I am a painter right now_ and I love my work, which is the primary reason I got into it I might add_ but I catch hell finding paint work in the winter. I figure if I move someplace where there is no winter, I'd be able to paint all year around. Painting is one of the few jobs I've had where I never minded getting up in the morning and going to. It's fun to me. I don't want to do it for the rest of my life though. I will either write books, fiction and nonfiction (philosophical works) or become self-liberated in the Eastern sense of the concept. Given the choice between the two I don't have to tell you which one is better. Maybe with a little luck I'll be able to do both.   

   Do you meditate? I have been doing so for over 20 years. I don't do it on a regular bases, nor do I make a formal thing out of, sitting in a lotus postion and all that. I simply try to silence my thoughts while I go about the busness of living. It's a lot of work but I've gotten pretty good at it. I can reach the silence anytime I want with a little effort but maintaining it is the battle now. They say you shouldn't force the practice but take your time and slowly develop it.When it goes well it feels like you are wide awake in a dream

Comment by Monique Little on December 19, 2011 at 5:47pm

I think i said that the forces are not concerned with emotion but logic, and that humans are not judge as individuals but as a species. But not every so called human is of the same species either-there for you have phrases such as 'mankind' a 'kind' of a man. Something that makes ya go, hmmm? lol. But that is a whole another subject.

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