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FEATURE: "21 varieties of traditional African homosexuality"

Ugandan President Museveni just signed the Anti-Homosexuality bill into law. The BBC reports that a government spokesman said President Yoweri Museveni wanted to assert Uganda's "independence in the face of Western pressure". The new law punishes first-time offenders with 14 years in jail, and allows life imprisonment as the penalty for acts of "aggravated homosexuality". "It also makes it a crime not to report gay people - in effect making it impossible to live as openly gay."
And yet many reports and movies have showed how the anti-gay movement in Uganda was fueled and financed by America's conservative Christian Right.
Moreover, Sexual Minorities Uganda created a report "designed to dispel the confusion and lies surrounding Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill", as reported on "Throughout Africa's history, homosexuality has been a ‘‘consistent and logical feature of African societies and belief systems." There are "many examples in Africa of same-sex desire being accommodated within pre-colonial rule". Among the examples featured in the article:
- "In traditional, monarchical Zande culture, anthropological records described homosexuality as ‘‘indigenous”. The Azande of the Northern Congo ‘‘routinely married” younger men who functioned as temporary wives – a practise that was institutionalised to such an extent that warriors would pay ‘‘brideprice” to the young man”s parents."
- "Amongst Bantu-speaking Pouhain farmers (Bene, Bulu, Fang, Jaunde, Mokuk, Mwele, Ntum and Pangwe) in present-day Gabon and Cameroon, homosexual intercourse was known as bian nkû”ma– a medicine for wealth which was transmitted through sexual activity between men."
- "Similarly in Uganda, amongst the Nilotico Lango, men who assumed ‘‘alternative gender status” were known as mukodo dako. They were treated as women and were permitted to marry other men."
- "Among Cape Bantu, lesbianism was ascribed to women who were in the process of becoming chief diviners, known as isanuses."
- "the Baganda. King Mwanga II, the Baganda monarch, was widely reported to have engaged in sexual relations with his male subjects."
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Comment by AFROPUNK on February 26, 2014 at 7:59am

For everyone else who's not interested in using this article to talk about who they think other people should sleep with, if you'd like an update about the situation in Uganda: "At least one Ugandan suspected of being gay has been killed just one day after the Anti-Homosexuality Bill was signed into law and a tabloid published the names of 200 homosexuals":

Comment by AFROPUNK on February 26, 2014 at 6:37am

lol end of convo as far as we're concerned, you seem seriously deranged, the conclusions about what you think you know about us, etc., not worth going into. Have a good one.

Comment by Patricia Heath on February 25, 2014 at 9:25pm

afropunk, get out of your feelings.

#1 i would have never known you were gay had you not gotten so uptight.  now it's pretty obvious.

#2 i spent 8 years in the gay life myself.  8 years from the duchess to washington square, to the pier, to uncle charlies and the various other clubs that were out back then way before people i knew starred in paris is burning.

#3 i never even had an opinion about gay life.  why would i when i dabbled myself?  what i said is that gay people are quick to condemn you if you are not hurray for gay.

#4 the convo was about uganda.  yes yes i know.  we were meant to read the article, express shock and horror and give you the reaction you were looking for.  but you didn't get that, did you?  some did exactly that, other's expressed something different that you couldn't handle.


this could have been a really cool conversation about the original topic.  it is you and nina reign that messed it up.  it was not emotional before then, just people exploring the various aspects of the subject.  and the sad thing is you don't even see yourself for what you did. 


it is a common response and political tactic, like i said, but it won't work.  you can't shame people into agreeing with you or your lifestyle and guess what?  it becomes my damned business as soon as you volunteer who you are sleeping with.


get yourself together and be a better moderator.


Comment by Jay Stones on February 25, 2014 at 7:54pm

Thank you Patricia. As for Afropunk and Nina Reign this has nothing to do with pro or anti anything. An opinion does not threat people. Fear does. Once again I have voiced my opinion as it seems you are fearful of it. I commented on this thread because AfroPunk sent it to me from signing up to the newsletter. I was also interested in the new unheard talent and news you display. I am obviously not ignoring the matter since I have commented on it. As for same sex reproduction in mammals Nina all I have found was the use of female sperm and male eggs created by gene altering Japanese scientist to try and figure out how male and female naturally do. link Hopefully in the future you could voice your opinion more clearly as to what I have said that was so wrong to you? Once again this was never a message condeming anything. It was an opinion that spread bigger and I encourage everyone to always voice their opinion. No matter if a society is trying to do everything it can to limit them.

Comment by AFROPUNK on February 25, 2014 at 7:44pm

Yeah, that's the problem Patricia: you feel entitled to have an opinion about who someone should love or sleep with, when it's absolutely none of your business. Of course you're allowed to have any opinion you want, that's not even questionable. And we're allowed to call you out too. Either way, this is not what this article was about. The things you say we're too freaked out to discuss (the influence of imported religions) are precisely the things we discuss in the article, so you don't make any sense.

Maybe you should check your own life before criticizing others for things they do that have absolutely nothing to do with you. The more judgmental people are, the more skeletons they have in their own closets...

That said we won't keep going back and forth with you. This is not what Afropunk stands for. Again, you came to the wrong site to spread your ignorance. Have a good one.

Comment by Patricia Heath on February 25, 2014 at 3:45pm

"it's mind-boggling how people think they should have an "opinion" on the sexual orientation of another person."

yep.  people have opinions that are sometimes different than yours.  gasp!


"it's equal to having an opinion on the color of one's skin. (and we all know what that opinion resulted to).

not to everyone.  race and sexual orientation are not considered the same to everyone...only to some, probably because sex involves behavior while race does not.  why does that boggle your mind?  and once again, apparently we are not allowed opinions that are not pro-gay.


the original convo in this thread is about what uganda is doing.  my observation is that this is just one more thing in a wave of efforts to stem the tide of westernization in non-western countries.  if this were not such an emotional issue for you, you would see the irony that if these practices were accepted pre-colonialism and are not now, it is probably because of imported religions like christianity and islam.  so something they let into the country (or were forced into) is leading to the desire to eradicate something that was accepted previously in some african nations, but is not considered desirable now.  those are the kinds of subtleties you can discuss when you're not freaking out.

Comment by Nina Reign on February 25, 2014 at 3:13pm
thank you Afropunk for the RELEVANT comments.

it's mind-boggling how people think they should have an "opinion" on the sexual orientation of another person. it's equal to having an opinion on the color of one's skin. (and we all know what that opinion resulted to). I really want to understand how one's identifying as gay affects another's livelihood any more than ones preference to drinking almond milk over soy. people still claim it's their opinion and they have the right to have one. OK. but that same "OPINION" should NOT threaten the livelihood and pursuit of happiness of another's. ITS JUST COMPLETE AND UTTER HYPOCRISY.

People whom classify their prejudices in vain ignorance of biology are deplorable. ughhh!!! the incessant attempts to claim reproductive "explanations" for homosexuality as unnatural.
interestingly enough, Homo sapiens are not the only animals (mammal, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish) on this planet who exhibit homosexual behavior (same-sex parenting, courtship, AND reproduction!!!). there are hundreds of species, in fact. Google it!! Conservatives argue these findings due to it's implication of human homosexuality as natural. what shall you argue, Jay Stones and Patricia?
because if it is unnatural, it is man-made. therefore please cite me information where we were injecting our man-made potions of homosexuality into global wildlife.

I also find it curious that this topic of gay persecution doesn't reign a general to overall importance among this proud-to-be-unique, nonconforming, organic Afropunk community. ESPECIALLY when such heinous legislation is in opposition of OUR own Afro people. that should be reason enough. like the great Staceyann Chin often states, "All oppression is connected."

if we continue to ignore Uganda and any other community/society/country/continent who is bigoted enough to attempt to scapegoat western influence on the existence of homosexuality in their region then shame shame shame on us and our "pro" and "anti" constituents. history never lies.
Comment by Patricia Heath on February 25, 2014 at 3:05pm

i came to the afropunk site because of the festival, which i think has a cool style, cool musicians and i would like to vend there this year.

i read the article because i love african culture and i wanted to read the article about homosexuality in african traditions.


i didn't know if people on this site were gay, straight or whatever, and i didn't care.  however, my point about not being pro-gay still stands.  some people feel that a man and a woman go together like a screw and a nut...they just fit.  if you feel that way, it doesn't mean that you automatically hate anyone, or that you want to hurt anyone, or that you are ignorant.  but quite a few in the gay movement as well as friends of the gay movement have tried to make it seem that way.  that's what it means.


we were having a convo within the convo about african traditions, where this issue stands in relation to other african issues, what the african leaders are trying to do when they do stuff like that, and non-western nations trying to not go the way of western nations.  yes the convo got more complex than the original post, but that's GOOD.  it means people are thinking, and it's entirely appropriate.


but you, afropunk, made it personal. you shouldn't have.  it's more of what we are saying about how you're not allowed to have a dissenting opinion.

Comment by Jay Stones on February 25, 2014 at 1:09pm

Exactly Patricia, finally but also what's even more suprising is that both China and the West (other countries as well) are using Africa to get most of their resources. So it should be the other way around and the issue with why it isn't should be addressed. Why does Africa have these problems if they are the country that has these resources. Who is bringing the problems? You are right it is a political tactic. We should be coming together as one on a matter like this. I don't wish for any human being to be hurt, and western tradition is slowly losing their way. the real root of thls problem is greed and the love of power. As it seems westernization also played a part in enslaving the country. You are right also about these computers and tvs which falls on the hands of the parents teaching their child as I said also about the true way of life. To be truly honest what has the West done for Africa. Besides build coca-cola vending machines haha

Comment by AFROPUNK on February 25, 2014 at 12:58pm

We're not afraid of your opinions, give us a break already! lol This is a community that celebrates diversity and we're just having a hard time understanding why you came here if our saying that gay people shouldn't be persecuted for who they are is a problem to you. That's what this article is about, and you decided to comment on this particular article. The question is not about whether or not you're "pro-homosexual" (what the hell does that mean anyway? People are who they are, it has nothing to do with you, you don't have to be "pro" or "against" it).

As for the talk about "a man and a woman create life", we're not even sure if it's worth replying. Do you fall in love or have sex only in order to procreate. What does other people's sex life have to do with you, and why do you feel it's appropriate to comment on an article about persecuting people for their sexuality to let us know that to procreate you need a man and a woman? Seems that you chose the wrong thread and wrong website.


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