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FEATURE: Stream punk pioneers Death's new record 'III'!

As you know, rock band Death was punk before punk was a thing. The pioneers and AFROPUNK Fest alums are releasing 'III' on April 22. It's a collection of songs spanning many decades (they were recorded in 1975, 1976, 1980 and 1992). The full record is streaming now on NPR!
Click here to check it out. Highlights include 'North Street'. Enjoy, while we wait and hope for new music from these legends.

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Comment by Chuckdeezul on April 25, 2014 at 3:16pm

What's Good, brUh... I KNEW that you would like Necrophagist!!!! Which record did you listen to by Obscura? I should have been more specific and suggested 'Cosmogenesis'. Even more specific, the opening track 'Anticosmic Overload' may be good to set the tone of what the music sounds like. The bass player on this cd is Jeron Paul Thesseling. This guy on bass is SICK!!! He plays 7 & 8 string fretless basses (I think Warwicks). He is also the bassist for Pestilence. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out the entire 'Cosmogenesis' cd, unless that's the one you are referring to that you're not impressed with. 

YUP... Very familiar with Relapse Records! I own every cd by Dying Fetus, Necrophagist, Obscura, Pestilence.    

Comment by boot-cheese-3000 on April 25, 2014 at 2:18pm

WOW! Don't know why I slept on Necrophagist but I saw a live performance of them on YouTube, very impressed. Now I'm listening to Obscura--not very impressed. Can't say why but it feels kinda.......formulaic to me. Very "safe", like the band is in this tight Death/Black box they've made for themselves..............

who knows they might grow on me but Necrophagist is my SHIT. Very brutal indeed, like 2 neanderthals clubbing each other over the head with Brontosaurus thighbones. I don't know why I didn't peep them before though, I order stuff from Relapse alot (or used to but might start doing it again) and those 2 bands names always stuck out along with their ads. You familiar with Relapse I'm sure.........

Comment by Chuckdeezul on April 24, 2014 at 4:54pm

w0w... Anti-Pop Consortium... Whatever happened to them? I know Beans is still pretty actively releasing music. What about Sayyid, Blaize and High Priest? They were a local NYC band. An PLEASE check out Necrophagist. You will NOT regret it. And even Obscura, who have a Death/Black metal sound.  

Comment by boot-cheese-3000 on April 24, 2014 at 11:50am

Ahhhh shit, so you are familiar with Mother's Finest. Good..........

no I never heard of Brain Drill but am familiar with Deeds of Flesh, who are from San Diego. To know that death metal bands that raw come from Cali is refreshing not to mention AWESOME. I have heard of Necrophagist but never checked out their stuff. I've been trying to get back in the rock/metal rotation again after not listening to any for awhile so I'm playing catch-up again in that regard. I get surprised whenever one of my favorite bands release a new album but feel so out of the loop at the same time.

I'm the same way. The only radio station I listen to besides podcasts on podomatic or podbean or dublab is BBC Radio1, which is usually Benji B's show. Every now and again I'll check out the Essential mix if my favorite artist is DJing that day or the Resident mix show which has James Blake as one of the DJs in rotation this year among other shows. I can't fuck with free radio anymore, that shit is nothing but payola and dummies gobble that shit up like it's the hottest music around. If people heard some of the stuff I listened to they might not like it, here in TX they're 1-trick ponies--in Houston (or should I say Screwston) it's all about that slowed-down DJ Screw/Swishahouse sound that has taken over hip-hop in the past few years. Up North here in Dallas it's any lame-ass garbage they get their hands on.

So Ipecac Records is still in effect eh? Ok NOW I need to go to the website and such. Last shit I purchased from them was those Dalek albums. Whatever happened to those guys? Talk about avant-garde hip-hop! They were at the forefront next to Anti-Pop Consortium.

Comment by Chuckdeezul on April 23, 2014 at 7:24pm

OK... When I visit my family in Shrevesport,LA and Marsahll, TX.... WE NEED TO CHAT!!! (Won't be for a few minutes) The reason I say that is because we could chop it up about music and everything else for hours on end. And, I need to be diggin' in your brother's crates! Sounds like he and I could open a record shop, though I will NOT sell my record.

Anyhoo, I've seen Dimmu Borgir with Necrophagist who opened for them in 1998(?). If you don't have anything by Necrophagist and like technical death metal? Epitaph is a MUST OWN!!! They are from Germany and the creator of the band's name is Muhammed Suicmez, who is the main guitarist. Epitaph was there 2nd record and I was turned on to them because I heard the instrumental titled'Seven'. Dimmu Borgir was good and a very well known black metal back in '97. The drummer in Necrophagist on 'Epitaph' was Hannes Grossman and former guitarist Christian Muenzner, who both are now in Necrophagists' spawn band 'Obscura'. Epitaph's opening track title track 'Stabwound' will grasp and and hold you until the final track. TRUST ME! YouTube the record and let me know how you like...

Yeah. Check Biohazard out... I saw them perform with there first record, plainly titled Biohazard at L'Amours in Brooklyn many moons ago.

All I can say about Mother's Finest is that I have there records Mother's Finest and Mother's Finest. Baby Jean, Moses, Wyzard and Doc have been in the band since their inception. 

And as far as Billboards, music charts, awards, Popular magazines, terrestrial radio, "Pop-Tart Charts", I follow none of them. Whenever I go to a party, I am probably the ONLY person foreign to the music from the speakers. 

And I am familiar with Barnes negative antics. HE IS A DICK and a DIVA!!! Saw them live touring for the cd 'Bringer of Blood', which SUX ASS! Only up until their most two recent cd's 'Unborn' and 'Undead' have they returned to form.  The two most drummers that have performed with them is Kevin Talley (Dying Fetus, Misery Index, Daath, Chimiara) who played on 'Unborn' and recently, Marco Pitruzzella formely of an AMAZING death metal band from California named 'Brain Drill' if you have not heard of them. Brain Drill's music is BR00000TALITY!!!! I have 'Apocalyptic Feasting' and 'Quantum Catastrophe' from them. Both AMAZING recordings if you are into br00tality. Similar lyrics to Cannibal Corpse but 10 times faster!!!!! Dylan Ruskin started the band in or around 2006 or 07. The singer's name is Steve but I don't remember his last name. He's been in the band since it's inception. After 'Apocalyptic Feasting', Dylan put the band on hold because the other three members were busted with pot. About 2 years later, he reformed the band and put out 'Quantum Catastrophe'. Both record are killer!!!!       

I digress... 

Ipecac Records does still exists because I receive tweets and emails from the regarding new music. Patton though has been singing songs similar to Italian Westerns, similar to operatic music recently. I do applaud his musical taste, not staying dormant in one style.

The song 'Chris Barnes is A Pussy' is 1:04 long and is funny as hell!!!

Comment by boot-cheese-3000 on April 23, 2014 at 11:57am

Damn you REALLY sound like my twin brother, he's seen ALOT of bands perform over the years and that includes Black Metal bands. Dimmu Borgir is another that he liked. When he saw them in concert he was hyped, he said they totally took it back to the old school with their performance. And I know ALLLLLLLLLL ABOUT MAYHEM--they got that Nazi drummer in the band do they? What I found ironic about Black Metal is how alot of them add that White Power element in their music but they got fans ALL OVER the world, esp South America and Asia. I think alot of those bands changed their views after seeing so many non-white faces going bananas over their music and loving it like they do.

Really? Well maybe I got it wrong with Biohazard, it was so long ago I could have it mixed up but my twin was surprised to see them in a music video with Onyx. And you aren't offending me at all, I'm sure there are alot of Blacks and Latinos on this site, muthafuckas aren't gonna feel welcome on other websites catering to Metal and Rock when they're one of the "outsiders". Speaking of which I need to peep that "Afro-Punk" documentary that came out back in 2006-07, have you heard of it? I thought this site was either inspired or cre8ted by the people who worked on that doc. I'm not shocked when I read the article and saw how basically EVERY Afro-Punk stated that racism was a huge issue in the Metal/Rock scene, not surprising at all. You're not going to see another Bad Brains, 24/7 Spyz, or Living Color (to name a few) in this White Man's music industry anymore, not even a Mother's Finest (Google them if you haven't heard of them, they're old school like Death). Meanwhile those culture vultures completely took hip-hop and R&B over, whitewashed it like they're doing us a fuckin' favor or something. I didn't know it until last night, last year was the 1st time in ages a black music artist didn't top the BillBoard 100 Pop-Tart Charts, NOT ONE. Only Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke, and Wackelmore did for R&B/Hip-Hop. I don't know about you but I find something wrong with that picture........

D.R.I.? Old School Thrash Punk. My twin had one of their records back in the day when he collected records. You would probably bust a nut if you saw the shit he had. As far as Chris Barnes they had some good material but dude was the BIGGEST PUSSY in town according to Seth Green from Anal Cunt. He even released a song called "Chris Barnes Is A Pussy" based on a true story when he saw him at a show and was heckling him. Barnes was on some "What's your problem, you wanna tussle?" Seth, being the Irish hot-headed tough guy he is, inclined and instead of meeting Barnes backstage he was mollywhopped by his security guards. Now this would make me respect Mr. Green if it wasn't for the fact that he is a stereotypical bigot himself. My twin said he called some black dude that was the frontman for a punk band a "nigger". See what I'm saying about Afro-Punks getting no respect? But you already knew that..........

........ok now I gotta find some Mike Patton shit. Dude is HELLA ECLECTIC. The only whyte bwoy I know who could come out with projects like Faith No More, Fantomas, and weirdness like Mr. Bungle and THEN turn around and do stuff with hip-hop producers like Dan the Automator (where is he now?) and that album with The X-Ecutioners. Dude has barely missed a step in his musical career. Hell is Ipecac Records still around anymore homes?

Comment by Chuckdeezul on April 22, 2014 at 10:37pm


Comment by Chuckdeezul on April 22, 2014 at 10:37pm

I'm from Brooklyn, NY like the band Biohazard, who performed 'SLAM' with Onyx. And I've seen them perform that song LIVE! When I go to a concert that's usualIy standing room only, I get to the venue early enough to feel the place out and stand up front. I've been kicked in the head with Doc Martins more than I can remember. At this show though...VIOLENT! Forgive me if I offend you, but the back-pack NIGGAS were out in force!!! And they were RELENTLESS! I'm 6ft5in tall and used to getting kicked in the head all of the time but THIS was something else. I don't remember Biohazard being a 'White Power Hate Bands'. I'm not saying that they were NOT, but all of the concerts i've seen them perform the crowd was multi cultural. And this is before 'Slam'. There was a club in Brooklyn titled L'Amours in the '80 that had racial issues when black and latino fans would attend a concert at the venue. And I have that performance from Arsenio on video cassette. 

Some of those Black Metal bands are TRULY EXTREME. Like Emperor. I've seen them live also and the things they do in concert would make Gene Simmons regurgitate!!! Cradle of Filth (Dani Filth's band) is not bad. I will NEVER SUPPORT MAYHEM. They ARE THE DEVIL!!!!!!!!!!! Love Cannibal Corpse. Seen them live in the early '90's when Barnes was on vox and they were BR00TAL!!! And GREAT!!! Mike Patton....? So you like Mr. Bungle!!! Sweet Charity has GOT to be one of the greatest tunes he has created!!! Now the track is in my head. I've got to hear it before I sleep now... DIRTY ROTTEN IMBECILES are the quenticential (I know I spelled that wrong but you know what I mean) suspenders, Doc Martin, Khaki, skin head band. Boy, all of the bands that you mentioned, you should check out Animals as Leaders. The guitarist is Tosin Abasi. A brother who plays an 8 string guitar and is KILLER!!!

Comment by boot-cheese-3000 on April 22, 2014 at 10:12pm

I know right? I'm trying to pay as much attention to the rest of the other matchups but it's hard to, that series there is the dopest one out of the playoffs. I'm not gonna front though, Memphis surprised me by making it back after losing their coach last season. The fact that they broke even with OKC last night shows me that that series is going to be a dogfight as well. As far as the rest they look like sweeps or I'm not interested or haven't had a chance to peep them yet but I definitely need to.

Comment by Chuckdeezul on April 22, 2014 at 10:02pm

Get some rest, brUh. I REFUSE to talk about work when i'm home. I leave those keys in the office desk.

That series is a toss up for me. I'm a HUGE Knick fan and as you know, Mark Jackson AND Doc Rivers played for them. I want the Warriors to win the series but Doc and crew ain't no joke! I'll comment on the music in a sec...  


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