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I'm So Different I Shop at Urban Outfitters!

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Every generation has that go to style look and clothing choice that reflects that period. With hippies in the 70s with their boho chic looks and the roaring 50s with tailored sophistication I wonder where the generation of the new millenium finds their nitch. While walking in the metropoliatian city of Fort Lauderdale I note that many of the styles thatare so popular today are choices that reflect either the 90s grunge era or the 90s neo modern hipster movement. Also when I say hipster of the 90s I mean the true meaning not the glorified one of today that does not reflect the movement of the past. Todays generation has not made a mark of its own but celebrates the marking of the past. The 90s grunge era is glorified with the sterotypical plaid shirts ramones t-shirts and heavy body modification. As a community I beg to find the opinions of the AfroPunk community and wonder if this new finding belittles the difference in apperance lifestyle and culture that punks set forth in the earlier 90s.


In the past I have mentioned that I do co-run a semi popular blog on Tumblr called Black Girls With Septums. I created this blog in 2010 at first because there was none like it and I wanted to display beautiful women of color in every shade with body modificatons such as septums that I could not find on any other website I visited. As the years have gone by though I grew to have great disdain for the blog. No longer did I respect the people contributing to the blog because I felt that it was a mockery of the beautiful art I call body modification. It was something hype current and new that everyone has to have to be cool yet diiferent. The hipsters of today that glorify Starbucks but don't pick up a book to become more intellectual the ones that go to Hot Topic but don't know who one lyric to a Ramones song the ones who shop at Urban Outfitters and wear fake glasses (which btw I really hate as a person that heavily relies on my glasses cause their making the price of glasses go up but i digress)


Todays society/ generation piggybacks on the past do you think this is an insight to our future having no voice for themselves?...



anyways this has turned into a rant until next time... 

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