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SO...I have a little present for all of you!

For a while, I have been either creatively blocked or procrastinating due to being one of many people falling victim to lofty goals. Has anyone who ever created something ever wanted to make the best frackin' thing they could ever make? Have you ever wanted to create the best thing you have ever heard? Well, it looks like I let that go and settled for just creating something good enough for me. This has helped me move on and got me back to singing. Well, for now.

If any of you believe in Santa Claus and want to maintain your childhood, I would recommend just going to the second-to-last paragraph because what's coming is an explanation of exactly what the song is about.

So, I'm sure your parents revealed to you way too late that Santa does not exist, right? The only way we know Santa doesn't real is not just because, as Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings pointed out, there is no chimney in the projects (if my chance you live in the project or anywhere a chimney doesn't exist around your house), but...

...because Santa is really your family. Whether Santa is on his way depends a lot on not just whether you have not just the milk and cookies, but the money to pay for the shipping and handling. (Metaphor talk: all the toys and stuff that he brings to you cost money, and if you haven't got the money, then you can't get much.) This is where the working class and below often get fucked over.

Imagine people working all day to satisfy the wants and needs of their family in the spirit of giving and winding up short. The kids at the shelter are donated stuff, but those with their families hardly get as much. It's safe to say that Santa doesn't always have the money to make the rounds on his sleigh. Got to pay for the gas annd/or reindeer food at some point (I haven't a clue as to whether he upgraded on his sleigh the same way some jobs use machines to replace other workers).


So, Santa decided to help make up for the inability to deliver to the good and the skint by singing a song. The song, of course, if for free. If by hance you do not enjoy the vocals on Santa, there is also an instrumental version.

The result can be found on both my Bandcamp and my soundcloud. Because it is a demo of sorts used to work the kinks out of my vocals, both the vocal version and the instrumental version is free. Enjoy!

Merry Christmas!

The question of whether I'll be singing more songs in the future is up in the air, but I am pushing towards it. But it looks like Santa gave me some more confidence, and the courage not to create anything completely epic, but to worry about just creating what I can.

If any of you has ever stopped doing something because of perfectionism, I'm here to tell you: fuck that. Just do the best you can. Just do it!

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