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A person plays a lot of many roles in his or her life. Playing roles in the society is an everyday goal in personal situations. I am writing about my everyday roles as how I am a good daughter, a college student, a cousin and a visual artist.

Being a daughter is a gift for a mother. I am working very hard to be a good daughter to my mother, who is having problems at her job and telling me about her day in her job at home. Also, she tells stories about my grandmother past. Every weekend, I help my mother with carrying shopping bags up the steps but sometimes, my mother gets the bagman from the supermarket to carry the shopping bags to the building and up the steps and pays him, before or after finishing his duty.

Two months ago, I had to take my mother to the NYU medical Center in downtown, Manhattan for an doctor’s appointment for back pains because her medical doctor would not let her go on home by herself and my mother needed a family member or another person to take her back home. My older cousin supposed to go with my mother to her doctor’s appointment that day but she had plans and I took a day off from my social science class.



Being a good daughter is a personal life goal with a lot of trust and respect but it is going to lead motherhood in the future.

Being a college student is a tough job to do. I want to go to college and be the second person in my family to get a college education because my mother went to college. I want to be able to get a college in a major I would like. I have been in college since April of 2012, this year. I glad that I am working a little hard with my college work, so far. For now, I am working toward my associate’s degree in liberal arts but I am keeping my opinions, open for my bachelor’s degree.


I have been a big cousin to my baby cousin since she was one-year-old. My older cousin and her daughter used to came to visited the family, every weekend but starting on a Friday until late Sunday afternoon at 6 p.m. because both of them stayed in a family shelter that time and then a couple of months later, they moved to another state. After the passing of my grandmother, they moved back to New York and stayed with us until my older cousin is trying to getting her life back in line and working on getting an house and paying job to help herself and her daughter. My baby cousin and I spent a little time, toghter for having fun and games but I have a life goal to work on; I am working on being in college and getting my life back, toghter as usual.

As a big cousin, I take good care of her in my life than any other child in someone’s care in a day care center.


I have been creating art since the age of ten. When I was in grade school until finishing high school, I have good grades in art classes (such as As and Bs). In 2006, I was in my early 20s; I apply for a home-study course program in 2D art and logo making. Also, my mother helped me with the paying of my tuition and the rest is up toward to me for mailing my assistants to my art school, doing my next assistants and calling my teachers about my grades and also, giving me advise about my art.


In 2009, I graduated from my home-study course program in 2D art. I still creating art, sometimes during my free time when I am not at school. My favorite visual artists are Andy Warhol and Fida Rivera.


In closing, we perform these types of roles, not for a play like doing a musical or a television show but in our daily lives, today. As for me. I have a lot of everyday roles in my life as a family member, as an older adult returning and entering higher education and a person who is a talented painter.

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