... the other Black experience

My very first ticket in the Joy...... :S

oh, Galleria Mall
So the boy came to visit. Is there a nicer place to meet up than the Galleria mall? No, duh!
Well, it is mostly central and very close to where I needed to be the next morning to pick up 6!!!! solar panels. EeEeeeee!

I was in there struggling with sleep, again, when I heard a car approach. That was tense making, then there was a flashlight, even more tense making. They were trying to take a peep inside. Good thing I made the blackout curtains. They circled around a few times, I got on the horn with Graham, and before he could respond to my "should i just go outside and talk to them?" There were a couple of flashes, that I assume was them taking pictures (??) and then they sped off. And voila, first ticket. 30 bones, not too bad, but stealth parking in the Galleria is maybe not so stealth. 
Graham suggests I fight it, but I think that I'll just pay it. I don't want to draw any attention to this thing that I'm doing, hence the blog, right? haahahaha 

I guess I understand not wanting to have people park in your parking lot for free. How else can you make a profit?
My answer... by letting people park there over night!!
You know that thing in stores, by the checkout with a lot of useless things that people invariably buy when they are hungry, or bored of waiting in line and it was staring at them, I think it is kind of the same principle. 
I sometimes park in grocery store parking lots....and guess what? That is where I buy all of my groceries from. Walmart knew what it was doing.

The Galleria Mall has a lot of useless stores, that I might go into and spend some of my disposable income when I get up in the morning and am looking for something to do, well, probably not, shopping isn't really something I do when I'm bored, but...hmm, wrong argument.
So the Galleria Mall is not a place to be in when stealth parking in Toronto.
Heads up!

p.s. in case you were worrying about me without propane, I have 
since got the starter fixed and have had a chance to fill up my propane. mmmmm heat! (and cooked food.)

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