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New Footage From 'Black Girl In Suburbia' Documentary Surfaces

Hey guys, we mentioned the 'Black Girl In Suburbia' documentary-in-the-making to you before. Additional footage, a "sneak peek", has surfaced (scroll down to watch). In case you missed it, we're re-posting the trailer too.
"Black Girl In Suburbia is a feature documentary that looks into the experiences of black girls growing up in predominately white communities. This is a different look into suburbia from the perspective of women of color (...) exploring through professional and personal interviews the conflict and issues black girls have relating to both white and black communities. Black Girl In Suburbia intends to spark an open dialogue about race, identity, and perspective among all people." To be released Summer 2012.

Trailer (+ see additional new footage below):

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Comment by Michele Thibeaux on November 17, 2012 at 8:58pm

..excellent....can not WAIT...i'm from cali...definetly can relate...went to predominantly caucasian catholic schools throughout...except for the 7th grade...i'll be waiting....

Comment by Malaia Hampton on October 19, 2012 at 10:11pm

I can really relate to this now . Im originally from Atlanta which is a predominately black city but now I moved with my mom and stepfather to Maryville a litte town in the smokies of Tennessee . Im not the only black girl at my school but its very cliquey. I have made friends who share common interests as me but i still feel like im being ridiculed by others there. They were probably expecting a stereotype but Im defenitely not trying to please them by being someone  Im not.   I remeber  my first week starting school up there , some boys in my class asked a black girl did she like kool-aid and fried chicken , she said she didnt like chicken but she did like kool-aid . Its shit like that that pisses me of .

Comment by Gullah*Gotham*Glitter on September 11, 2012 at 9:15pm

Would love to see this when it comes out on dvd

Comment by the outsider on July 12, 2012 at 12:25pm

Will this movie be available for purchase on DVD? Hopefully, it will be playing in Toronto.


 I, at times was the only Black person in my class and I felt like I had to carry the whole of the Black community on my shoulders.  As a kid, sometimes there were times other Blacks accused me of sounding TOO WHITE.


That summarizes my experience exactly.  I grew up in the suburbs of Toronto with mostly white and Asian people.  There are still moments, still to this day, that I have to prove myself by being one of the "good" Black people in order not to misrepresent the Black community as a whole.  It is an incredible amount of pressure to place on yourself when you are young and trying to find your identity.

Comment by Siralop D. on June 29, 2012 at 4:13pm

I am looking forward to watching this as I have gone to private school from 7th grade onward and I attend college in Oregon.

Comment by great spirit @ 4:20/worldwide on June 28, 2012 at 12:51am

Infinite and Eternal Blessings to ALL.

I'm a straight brother, grew up/came of age in all white suburbs and rural areas - during the time (early 1980's) when funk gave way to rap for sistas/brothas (and heavy metal was what all the white dudes and some white girls listened to and new wave/pop/dance music what most white girls liked).

From that time until now (I've observed the shit of how white folks roll) and intimately known many white folks (having had white girlfriends as well as girlfriends of almost every race.)

No disrespect to white folks because there are some who are trying their best (so I speak of the 'Babylon shitstem-aligned' white-folks when I say): Sistas please understand A WHOLE, WHOLE, WHOLE, LOT of white girls (especially the ones who want to tell others who/how to be) have SERIOUS, SERIOUS mental and esteem issues, so they are in no position to be emulated/imitated, by any women, period.

The mainstream media promotes weak ass, so-called beauty-standards that are FULL OF SHIT, with how they are always showing white folks smiling, and clever and shit - it is ALL smoke and mirrors.

 Sistas you are "literally" Divine manifestations of TRUE beauty, wisdom, creativity, power - in mind/heart/body/soul. Unfortunately this 'Babylon-shitstem' tries it's hardest to convince us/you otherwise of your TRUTH, and try to make you think like/be like the SERIOUS mental disturbed and esteem challenged, Babylon-shitstem-aligned white girl prototype that they promote the shit out of all day, as ideal.

Which means you give up your true power, and end up being a shallow, empty, consumeristic sheep, instead of the Divine Goddess your spiritual unfoldment intends.

BigUp all Sistas and get to know the truth and be you.

Comment by Da' Bladewielder on June 27, 2012 at 7:13pm

I didn't grow up in the suburbs, however, I'm from a middle class family from the South Side of Chicago, and all through college & grad school, especially grad school, I, at times was the only Black person in my class and I felt like I had to carry the whole of the Black community on my shoulders.  As a kid, sometimes there were times other Blacks accused me of sounding TOO WHITE.  As an adult, with whites, my speech pattern and family background wasn't Black enough to fit the stereotype.  My niece and nephew growing up in the suburbs outside of Chicago, I've conversed with my nephew as he struggles to find an identity that walks the fine line between being Black, academically motivated and finding his place in the world at-large.  I can't wait to see this film so I can show it to the next generations of Black youths struggling with the issue of identity; considering that I still struggle with this issue after all these years.

Comment by K-ten on June 27, 2012 at 6:04pm

I will definitely tune into this..I didn't grow up in white suburbia but I can relate to it because I graduated from a mostly white, Catholic university, majoring in bassoon performance. I can go on and on about that! I can't wait to see more of this because I can definitely relate.  

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