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Isnt it odd that "Our Natural Hair,Our natural beauty is UnNatural,It is abnormal to be who you are" In the black community it is abnormal to see a Black Woman with Natural Hair.It is just as UnNatural 4 White women to wear their natural hair color, with the popularity of blonde hair and blue eyes,White women are dying their hair blonde and often sometimes adding weave to enhance their beauty. And this is done by many well known celebrites. For example Aubrey of Danity Kane Jessica Simpson,Britney Spears, and many more.

i felt it necessary to include white society issues with hair and beauty as well because so often people point out the problems of the black community while ignoring the same issues that go on in the white community. And many conviently forget that the problems developed in the black community are usually brought by the ancestor of the white community

However in the Black community, not only is wearing your natural hair as black woman, looked at as odd, but many men and women have stated that natural hair appears, "dirty, not feminie, unkept, non-professional" but most agreed that this was not a problem, that this is just a hair trend, and that this has nothing to do with self hate.

Another shocking thing that was a result of intervies with black males on female hair, was when a large majority of the men stated that their dream girl was a "light skin, yellow bone, caramel woman with long, REAL, straight hair." To me that sounds like a White girl, or atleast as close to being white as a black person can get. So it is obvious that men subconciously want and fantasize of a women who has the "white" form of beauty.

And many stated that natural hair is unprofessional. Now if this dislike of natural hair wasn't a problem before, then definitely now it should become a problem, when you are not able to get a job without altering yourself, that is a problem. Women should not be forced to add false hair, or harmful chemicals to their hair to appear professional.

These are the values of white coporate America that have been installed and brainwashed into us since birth.

I do not blame the black people for the ignorance, or subconscious self hate, or interest in the "white form of beauty" because I to was oppressed and a mental oppresor of all the these things.

So who do I blame? The white ancestors who brought us from our homeland, and dehumanized us and taught us to hate ourselves. A process that went on for 300 years and is still effecting us today. I blame the media. and no the media isn't racist. It is capitalist. They promote images and forms of beauty that will makes us run out and buy cosmetic, hair and other beauty profits. Their main goal is a profit, not racism. Capitalism is the root of racism. But I'll save that for another blog.

I would love to hear everyones opinion.

Oh, and I have a question for the readers. Do you all think that the "Dreads/Locs" Trend has made it easier on women to go natural or do you think it has only had a big effect on men? Do you think that men or studs find it attractive for women to have dreads? I am asking about the opinion of the majority, not the selected few afrocentric people who have appreciated natural hair since birth. But do you think the recen dread loc trend has had an beneficial effect on women being able to be natural?

Also people who usually wore dreads before the trend were considered very afrocentric, or making a big statement, or rebelling against mainstream? Do you think that this is still true? Or has the trend released dreds from that stereotype? Do you feel the trend has had a beneficial affect on the African race and how people feel about dreads?

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Comment by Fashionfreak on January 31, 2010 at 5:51pm
first off i don't like to call them dreadlocs because there is nothing dreadful about them :) that said i notice (this is personal observation) that some women who decide to go natural want locs simply because it can grow to extreme lengths and feminine beauty is always equated to long hair in our society. i happen to like them on anyone man or woman as long it is kept.

as for the light skinned thing man that's just conditioning. i happen to be light skinned but i damn sure don't have long hair however i do think that my complexion is an advantage which is def NOT a good thing. we are all (blacks) are a product of slavery but no one is putting a gun to our heads. i think people should get off their fucking ass and start educating themselves. kinky hair isn't ugly it's beautiful! notice i said kinky not nappy...last time i checked nappy was a diaper.


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