... the other Black experience

YOU'RE A WHAT? The different reactions I have gotten over the years from people due to my Satanism.

        This blog was inspired by a recent event here at AP that I won't go into now, hopefully it's over and done with but that still remains to be seen. I offended an AP member with some jokes I made but promptly apoligized when she told me how she felt. A few days later I get a message from a friend of the AP member and she lays into me again about my comments and tells me that I really scared the hell out of the girl.

  I try to look at things from all sides and having placed myself in the ladies shoes I can see that, yeah, she could have totally missed my intent. I think, however that me being a Satanist didn't help matters any and may have played a large part in scaring the poor woman.

   I have been a Satantist for over 30 years now and it is second nature to me. I often forget how freaked out some people can get by it.

   The vast majority of the people that I have met over the years simply didn't care, one way or another who or what I worshipped. Some of them were curious about it but most people don't give a fuck. There have been others, however, that stand out from the crowd.

   I was in a corner store once buying something and the woman behind the counter seemed to be terrified of me. I was wondering what the hell her problem was, her reaction was a mystery to me. Only later, after I had left the store did it occure to me that she may have been responding to the black t-shirt I was wearing which had three large sixes painted on the front of it.

   There was a time when yours truely was a crack addict. I ain't proud of that but at the same time I'm not going to front. At one point during those lost years I ended up living in a crack house from hell. A crew of dealers stayed there 24-7. They didn't live there but had friends inside the house that let them post up there.

   There was one dealer who, ironically enough had the street name of "Goat" Goat was very bad news. He was known for beating the shit out of people with little or no prompting. One day this lunatic saw me in that same t-shirt mentioned above. He went the fuck off. He looked at me on another occasion and said, "I ought to punch you in your Goddamn face!"

   Luckly for my ass, no harm ever came to me. I think the other dealers told him to leave me alone. I really don't know what happened but eventually, sir Goat backed the fuck off me. Lucifer had my back a whole bunch of times in that crazy-ass house.

  Another time I was working a temp job and told a co-worker I was a Satanist. The guy went off, got in my face talking about I rebuke you in the name of the lord and all this other crazy shit. A few hours later he came to me and apoligized. Weird.

   The most interesting response I've ever recieved came from a friendly, middle aged white woman. I was with a paint crew and we were painting her house. She noticed my upside down cross and asked me about it. When I told her I was a Satanist, do you know what she did?

   That lady went back into her house, got her set of encylopedias and looked Satanism up. Then she came back outside with the book in hand and read the information it had on the subject to me. Her encylopedias must have been pertty up to date because it gave an intelligent and OBJECTIVE view of the subject.

  That lady was a very smart cookie. I hope Nabisco and the Keepler elves made more of them.

  Or better yet, read a HONEST book on the subject, one that doesn't have any axes to grind_ like much of the nonsense Christian and even some Pagan writers try to pass off on the public.

  That is all, R.I.P..

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Comment by Satan's Crow on August 30, 2012 at 4:03am

Thanks. It's really a messed up thing_ people think they are reacting to me when in reality they are reacting to definitions they have rolling around in their own heads. That's the way of the world I guess.

Comment by rockie on August 29, 2012 at 6:08pm

i respect what you wrote and respect you for putting out some very sensitive info about yourself. i know there are lots of strong opinions about your faith but i also know there are many more who would rather walk away from you than to ask you what it really means to you.


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