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At 9:59am on August 29, 2013, BlaquePayne said…

Jehovah, would you mind if I AP Friend you? Ric

At 4:34pm on May 2, 2012, Cassian said…

The Convention Photos are up!

At 7:37pm on March 2, 2012, roxy stardust said…

thank u so much =)

At 12:24pm on December 28, 2011, DuskTilDawn said…

Lol yeah I was a crew chief , it was some of the best times in my life, and yes we don't fuck around!!!

At 10:00am on December 13, 2011, Cassian said…
You totally should! People of color are just now comming out of the woodworks and attending these events. Back when I was a freshman in highschool and I first started going, there would be like 5 black people out of the hundrededs of people there.
At 8:06am on December 1, 2011, Cassian said…
Haha THANK YOU! Usually people say I like anime Way To much lol. Every year I go to those conventions and just go all out.
At 9:17pm on November 8, 2011, LilMissyBlack said…

Ron Jeremy thought that I would be his side piece for the night. lol

At 3:29pm on October 5, 2011, Duarry ganesh said…

Thank you for the add, That's very cool , Then  Your family keep on believe in Shango, Oshun, Yemaya...Yoruba Culture Or Congo Mayombe !!! That is our roots from Motherland Africa !!


At 10:58am on August 17, 2011, CaliforniaAfrican said…
Thank you!  You are so right, and I appreciate your wisdom.  I will do well after I have my masters under my belt.  No more anxiety.  There is such a huge need.  Our children continue to suffer in public education!  Blessings, African.  Peace.
At 8:26pm on August 10, 2011, MacKenzie O said…

you mean the 2009 Star Trek movie?  I LOVED it!  I was surprised.  I like all of the movies in some aspect.  The Undiscovered Country and The Final Frontier had the most funny character interactions, based on their personalities.  LOVED that part of those movies.


--- I thought the 2009 Star Trek was entertaining, but okay, but I meant my favor is the 1982 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. I absolutely love!


Why?  What's the conflict? 


--- the conflict comes from loving/liking the movies and having a love hate for the series!! LOL! Next Generation was too much of a soap opera to me, but I would watch every now and then b/cs of Brent Spiner ( I love me some Commander Data!! lol) Star Trek Enterprise just didn't capture me at all. Now Deep Space Nine & Voyager were my favorites!! couldn't miss them! Especially Deep Space, I had to have my Captain Sisko, Odo and Quark fixes, now that I think about it, I need to get them on DVD! lol!


Let's write our own t.v. show.  lol


--- lol!! maybe we should! I'm pretty sure we could come up with some dope shit! We need some black Sci-Fi!!


it's right here beside me.  I pick it up still, not as often as I should, I think about picking it up more than I do!  lol  helps to have a practise partner your level to keep you motivated.  I found some songs to work with  that are waiting for me to keep working on them.  lol  So lazy I am!


---LOL!! have you looked into find a practice partner?? 

At 6:43pm on August 3, 2011, Brown Kitsune said…

Hey people! Im doing videos!

The video(s) will be about the members of Afropunk. Ill make videos about the Ap ladies and queens, guys, queers, and the members representing Ap.

1. Email me at:

2. Send 3 or 4 PICTURES of you striking a pose and being all badass.

3. When you email the pictures put your USER NAME in the

4. In the MESSAGE BOX put what your GENDER is.
5. In the MESSAGE BOX put if you want to be in the LADIES/QUEENS VIDEO, GUY'S VIDEO, or / and LBGT VIDEO.

The deadline for the pictures is August 20. I most likely will not finish the video until the first week of September. If I have too many pictures to fit into the video I will make another one. So if you don't see your pic in the first vid itll be in the second. The video will be show cased on afropunk's web site sometime in September. The video should be on the front page as a feature.

*Even though the ladies and queens video will be first, guys can still send pictures to my email.

Hope these directions are clear lol and I also hope to hear from you soon! ^.^

At 2:00pm on July 30, 2011, MacKenzie O said…
lol! didn't know you were a trek fan! Where did you find the interview? I've always been conflicted about my fan-ship to Star Trek. The last movie was okay to me, but I'll always love the Wrath of Khan. Ricardo Montalban was just to awesome for me to ignore. LOL! I hate to hear that your still having a hard time right now, but hopefully something will come thru soon for you guys. Are you still play your guitar?
At 12:07am on July 29, 2011, MacKenzie O said…

Hey Afro!!! How have you been???


At 9:26pm on July 18, 2011, C3Yaoihunter said…

Ha! Ha! Funny, but no. I'll break down what "C3Yaoihunter" means: "C3" refers to the one who shall come after C2, who is a mysterious and immortal person of the Order of Geass which is the source of her power. C2 has existed for centuries on this earth, (at least according to legend) but one day, when C2 decides to disown her position in the Geass Order, that position will be inherited by one of her followers who shall become the being "C3" who will also gain her immortality and their own unique geassic power; C2 will still keep her powers until the day she dies. As for "Yaoihunter", the meaning behind that is a hell of a lot more simple: someone who vigorously searches or "hunts" for yaoi which is a particular type of manga; thus they are a "Yaoihunter". Now you know the meaning of the title of the entity that is "C3Yaoihunter". Congradulations.

At 4:10pm on June 13, 2011, afrostache said…

I feel you on the grow out phase T.T I went through that two years ago when I shaved my head. My hair's just now starting to act the way I want it to. My dream is to one day have a fro so big, it blocks out the sun and destroys all man kind.


...and that's not my stoic bitch face, it's a hidden smile :)

At 1:26pm on June 13, 2011, afrostache said…

Haha, I'm actually REALLY sporty.Yesterday I ran 5 miles to the beach from downtown, swam, then walked down the rest of the beach and took the bus home. White people seem to love my fro especially because when I push it back I look like wiz khalifa >.>


I can teach you a thing or two,I have my stoic bitch face on lock ^-^

At 4:36pm on June 12, 2011, Sekaya Harris said…
Much Appreciated.
At 11:46am on June 12, 2011, Tomeka J said…
Thanks for all your comments on my disscussions they give me a lot to rethink.
At 2:56pm on June 11, 2011, afrostache said…

I feel you, between my fro, mods, and general personality the afore mentioned seems to always be amplified lol.


You seem like a pretty friendly dude. I can't imagine why people would react that way to you.

At 2:46pm on June 11, 2011, afrostache said…
Haha, no problem. I'm always happy to answer questions that stem from curiosity rather than the general shock, confusion and disgust that they normally do.

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