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At 10:09am on April 22, 2013, Nate the Black Rocker said…

Hey there. How's it going?

At 8:29am on October 27, 2012, Stuart Gordon said…

Anyone that loves Akira is cool in my book. I also followed the Hokuto No Ken series and Vampire Hunter D. I plan on moving to Austin by next year for good.

At 8:01pm on October 7, 2011, Chris The Pusher said…

ahh dude austin is crazy! I love it here! what are you gettin into this weekend??


At 5:00pm on September 10, 2011, Chris The Pusher said…
how you doin>??
At 5:19pm on August 11, 2011, AfroCuban said…

--- I thought the 2009 Star Trek was entertaining, but okay, but I meant my favor is the 1982 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. I absolutely love!
*** Wrath of Kahn, huh?  C'mon, you know it's Ricardo Montalban in that fake chest!  You want him to say, "welcome to the island!"  Or, the other way around.  heh.
--- the conflict comes from loving/liking the movies and having a love hate for the series!! LOL! Next Generation was too much of a soap opera to me, but I would watch every now and then b/cs of Brent Spiner ( I love me some Commander Data!! lol) Star Trek Enterprise just didn't capture me at all. Now Deep Space Nine & Voyager were my favorites!! couldn't miss them! Especially Deep Space, I had to have my Captain Sisko, Odo and Quark fixes, now that I think about it, I need to get them on DVD! lol!
  **** lol, DS9 is my favorite - when they had the mysterious Dominion, found out that Odo's people are they, and then the whole war arc.  Every actor's character got to step up and grow a lot.  Loved it.  That was some good stuff.  Scary stuff too--->In the Pale Moonlight is one of the "bad" episodes in that it's more the reality of war when facing annihilation than the nice and "good" Star Trek vibe and ideals. Plus, section 31 in general.

Let's write our own t.v. show.  lol
--- lol!! maybe we should! I'm pretty sure we could come up with some dope shit! We need some black Sci-Fi!!

**** we should write a series pilot and series bible and get it to some black actors (Tim Russ, et al)
---LOL!! have you looked into find a practice partner?? --no, just me and my guitar.

At 6:43pm on August 3, 2011, Brown Kitsune said…

Hey people! Im doing videos!

The video(s) will be about the members of Afropunk. Ill make videos about the Ap ladies and queens, guys, queers, and the members representing Ap.

1. Email me at:

2. Send 3 or 4 PICTURES of you striking a pose and being all badass.

3. When you email the pictures put your USER NAME in the

4. In the MESSAGE BOX put what your GENDER is.
5. In the MESSAGE BOX put if you want to be in the LADIES/QUEENS VIDEO, GUY'S VIDEO, or / and LBGT VIDEO.

The deadline for the pictures is August 20. I most likely will not finish the video until the first week of September. If I have too many pictures to fit into the video I will make another one. So if you don't see your pic in the first vid itll be in the second. The video will be show cased on afropunk's web site sometime in September. The video should be on the front page as a feature.

*Even though the ladies and queens video will be first, guys can still send pictures to my email.

Hope these directions are clear lol and I also hope to hear from you soon! ^.^

At 4:02pm on August 3, 2011, AfroCuban said…

lol! didn't know you were a trek fan! Where did you find the interview?

--- On Star Trek dot com!  lol -->  I read the Jeffrey Combs interview.  Always liked his work.  Getting the link, I see a Terry Farrel interview I'll read after writing to you.  :)

I've always been conflicted about my fan-ship to Star Trek.

--- Why?  What's the conflict?   Let's write our own t.v. show.  lol


The last movie was okay to me, but I'll always love the Wrath of Khan. Ricardo Montalban was just to awesome for me to ignore.

-- you mean the 2009 Star Trek movie?  I LOVED it!  I was surprised.  I like all of the movies in some aspect.  The Undiscovered Country and The Final Frontier had the most funny character interactions, based on their personalities.  LOVED that part of those movies.  Star Trek 4 was filmed in my home town, so that rocked.  Generations is not a fave.  I did like Nemesis and First Contact - "They invade our space and we fall back.  They assimilate whole worlds and we fall back.  The line must be drawn here!  THIS far, no farther!"

Deep Space Nine is the BEST series overall. It's the REAL Star Trek life and trials of the Federation.  Plus the black family unit was tight, thanks to Ira Steven Behr and Avery Brooks.  Great show.  I miss them like my own friends.


 LOL! I hate to hear that your still having a hard time right now, but hopefully something will come thru soon for you guys.

-- much appreciated!


Are you still play your guitar?

-- it's right here beside me.  I pick it up still, not as often as I should, I think about picking it up more than I do!  lol  helps to have a practise partner your level to keep you motivated.  I found some songs to work with  that are waiting for me to keep working on them.  lol  So lazy I am!

At 1:03pm on July 29, 2011, AfroCuban said…

Hey Mac, good to hear from ya.

Things are tough all around still, but I have a modicum of hope since I found another

Star Trek interview to perk me up.  (Plus the last bit of Old Crow to drink.  heh)

At 11:11pm on May 13, 2011, AfroCuban said…

Yo Mac.

At 11:04pm on March 11, 2011, Chris The Pusher said…
At 6:18pm on December 13, 2010, AfroCuban said…
lol, you're welcome and thanks.
Things still are bad if not worse. :( But I have my guitar and have been looking at java and messing with C++ again, so I guess those are good things to do. :)
At 2:36pm on November 10, 2010, AfroCuban said…
Hey O!
First, I'm so sorry I missed your post! I don't know how that happened. :(

Gratz! (as we say in World of Warcraft) on the job! And thanks for the well wishes as well.
My guitar is looking at me as I plunk away in Kubuntu and Windows. I need to pick it up and practise some more.

Something about database tables for MySQL on the command line...I'd like to hear more.
I was doing some of that awhile back too. Maybe you know. Kinda fun, but tough getting used to having TWO logins, root and user(s), to administer the schemas and database permissions and what not.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Early I know.
At 10:39am on October 8, 2010, AfroCuban said…
:) Hey you!
I'm hanging in there. Still no new job after my last I.T. job project ended.
Things are super tough and tight.

How about you? Things good? Have you been practicing so you can go on America's Got Talent? ;-)
At 9:20am on July 16, 2010, AfroCuban said…
I hate interviewing lately too. For IT, it's at least 3 - 5 interviews. This last job was a bunch, but all phone interviews and then I was hired. Very cool.

As for guitar playing, I've been doing fingering exercises and then generally thrashing through Sympathy for the Devil to get my hand stretched for barre chords and stamina for playing them. It's a good work out. Next, I'm going to work on some more songs. I have some backing tracks for a bunch of songs to use to practise with.
Des tin e might make a video of her playing that I'll use to practise with too. Haha, kind of like jamming with someone else.
At 7:21pm on July 15, 2010, P-nut said…
At 12:11pm on July 15, 2010, AfroCuban said…
Hey you. :)
It's been a testy couple of weeks. The truck needs a starter. I replaced the solenoid yesterday to no avail, so now I have to spend $200 and do it myself if I can get under the truck or even more to tow it to a shop and pay the shop to do it.

Other than that, still noodlin' with the guitar on a daily basis.

How are you? What's new?
At 5:35am on July 4, 2010, AfroCuban said…
Thanks. :)
Fingers are just now getting roughed up. First hour, my palm hurt and fingers got tired after a minute - it's been about 20 years, but they are getting into shape! Thanks for asking. :)
At 8:23pm on July 3, 2010, AfroCuban said…

At 7:56pm on July 2, 2010, AfroCuban said…
LOL, yeah, I am! All geared up and stuff. heh heh I'll let you know how it goes.
I expect: boring finger drills, scales, and blisters beginning to form, and my hand being sore from stretching around the neck and fretboard. Old times are here again! Ouch!
At 6:54pm on July 2, 2010, AfroCuban said…
Got my guitar from Guitar Works = amp, headphones, strap, picks, book, cords, tuner: $230 - and I cut my fingernails to get to the playing. :)


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