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PREMIERE: Folk-rock singer Andy Palmer pays tribute to Harriet Tubman in powerful new single "Black Moses"

Denver-based Andy Palmer has the type of timeless voice you'll never forget. Weighty and full of emotion, the folk-rock singer's music has been compared to the likes of Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash, hypnotic in its ability to be both full of strength and vulnerability simutaneously.

A former New York City public defender, the artist describes his work as "struggling with contradiction," something he views as inherent to the practice of law. His third and latest…

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Body positive photographer Rochelle Brock wants a bigger, rounder, Blacker movement

ution and journey of self-love. Others feel it is a watered-down version of fat acceptance, and yet others feel it leaves entire communities behind altogether. I say if you have a body that is devalued and uncelebrated in today’s society, this movement should serve you — plain and simple.

This is the motivation behind this weekly series, an intersectional look at body positivity that includes perspectives of different people living life in a marginalized body. We kick… Continue

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Hey SheaMoisture, without Black women there would be no natural hair business

Back in fall of 2010, I remembered feeling like myself after a lifetime of conformity weighed on my shoulders. One Friday night in a crowded Black-owned beauty salon, I watched strand after strand of my relaxed hair fall to the ground, revealing nothing but close-cropped, tight coils that laid close to my scalp. The entire salon was silent, and I couldn’t help but beam. At 17, I had completed one of the most monumental moments in my life: I had big-chopped and begun my…


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INTERVIEW: Trans actress Indya Moore on representation: putting a trans face on an anti-trans institution is not enough

As a model, New York City-based Indya Moore has been sought out by clients as varied as Gucci, GQ Magazine, New York Fashion Week, Christian Dior, OAK, Ab[screenwear], Marquise Foster and Blackmamba. But the Afro-Latina transgender artist and social activist says her work in film, television and video is where she's most excited to keep making waves.

When NPR's First Watch debuted Indya's leading role in J. Views' music video "Don't Pull Away (Ft. Milosh…


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Solange will take her live show to museums this spring!

Sitting down with Complex during weekend 2 of Coachella, the ‘Seat At The Table’ songstress, Solange, shared her exciting plans to take the acclaimed album on the road this year. Opting out of the traditional touring circuit that most artists rely on for the bulk of their earnings, Solange described her two (touring, but not touring) events…


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Non binary UK punk artist Jacob V Joyce is inspired by African & Caribbean revolutionaries

Jacob V Joyce is a non binary interdisciplinary artist whose mission is to "disrupt commercial and community spaces with queer and decolonial, creative interventions." Inspired by African deities and African and Caribbean revolutionaries, Joyce pokes fun at racism and cissexism in creatively humorous, yet powerful ways through their zines, music, workshops, clothing, and other forms of art.

Growing up in Mitcham in south London, Joyce told…


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MeShell Ndegeocello's mother found unharmed after being reported missing

Earlier this week, ten-time Grammy award winner Meshell Ndegeocello reached out to fans on social media with an urgent request. The artist's 72-year-old mother suffers from dementia, and she went missing in Oxon Hill, Md., on Monday, April 10. On Instagram, Ndageocello reached out to anyone who might have information.…


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BOOK: Reclaiming Black History - Changing the narrative & celebrating Black excellence

In Finding Octave, author Nick Douglas traced his family line in an effort to provide new understandings around what makes up Blackness in America. Since then, the writer took a DNA test confirming the findings in the book, while also illuminating many powerful new connections.

His articles and essays around these experiences continue to do the work of changing the narrative around the history of people of color. A collection has just been released in…


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INTERVIEW: Singer Naomi Pilgrim on xenophobia in Sweden & her recent cover of The Specials' “Racist Friend”

With xenophobic sentiment and the far right rising all over Europe and the United States, Swedish singer Naomi Pilgrim's latest single is a call to action. The reimagined cover of The Specials' classic “Racist Friend” updates the sound and lyrics for 2017, but the story's the same: there's no coddling hateful people. We recently got the opportunity to talk to Naomi about the struggle for social justice in Sweden, and art's ability to transform the narrative.…


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Did Shea Moisture hire the same ad team as Pepsi or sumthin'?

Natural/textured/multi-ethnic hair care line Shea Moisture royally screwed up yesterday after giving their base of hardcore product junkies the finger in their attempt to re-center the brand around whiteness.

After the internet ripped them a new one, Shea Moisture issued apologies admitting, like they did on twitter, “Wow - we really f-ed this one up! Please know that our intent was not, & would never be, to disrespect our community.” Then why wasn’t your…


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Meet Botswana's fearsomely vibrant heavy metal subculture, The MaRock

In recent years, the rocker subculture of Botswana has attracted a lot of international attention. ‘MaRock’, as they are popularly known, have been a part of Botswana’s cultural landscape since the 1970s.

MaRock are known for wearing elaborate outfits, sporting tassels, studs and cowboy boots and hats. Many integrate animal parts, (sculls, teeth, tufts of hide) into their regalia, adding a uniquely local twist to the local rocker mythology.

As the…


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The casual racism in nerd/gaming communities needs to stop

As a blerd, I am identities intersect between my blackness and being a nerd. My blackness comes first, even though others may question it with my nerdy interests. Some black people listen to Migos and Future, but I will listen to Korean Pop or video game soundtracks.

When reaching out to other races of nerds there is sometimes a clash where black and nerds do not agree completely. I honestly do not hang with white nerds for a few reasons, for starters I…


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Black woman launches amazing project supporting other imprisoned and formerly incarcerated Black women

While attending Johnson C. Smith University, Tiawana Brown made some life choices that cost her freedom. She did four years in federal prison for fraud while pregnant with her youngest daughter, Tijema.

Also a survivor of domestic violence and a woman of faith, Tiawana has turned her past experiences into a life of empowering others, especially girls and women. She is the social entrepreneur behind Beauty After the Bars, which is committed to changing the world…


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Powerful #BeingBlackandMuslim photo series challenges the erasure of Black Muslims in pop culture

Bobby Rogers is a visual artist and designer from Minnesota whose work deals with Black identity and culture across a range of mediums. His latest project, #BeingBlackandMuslim, is a portrait series investigating existence at the intersection of Blackness and Islam. Each of Rogers' subjects in the series is accompanied by a quote about their Black Muslim experience, a timely…


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South African artist soul-searches with magical afrofuturistic art

Step into the afrofuturistic world of East London-born painter Qhama Maswana. Now based in King Williams Town, Maswana’s work is an African sci-fi love story, an ode to the continent that hopes to express the struggles as well as the irreplaceable magic. “As an artist, I work hard to develop paintings that speak both to me and to others about the beauty and challenges that exists in the continent of Africa,” said Maswana. “I try with every finished work to breathe…


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Willow and Jaden Smith are starting a rock band

Usually, when Jaden Smith tweets, I have no idea what is being said. It's gotten to the point where even posts that seem straightforward scare me into thinking I'm losing it, because I'm so not used to making sense of them right away. This is part of the reason why when he tweeted that he, his sister Willow and his actress girlfriend Odessa Adlon were starting a rock band, I had to confirm across multiple sources before actually believing it.…


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VIDEO PREMIERE: Atlanta-based eclectic-soul artist Rahbi shares uplifting acoustic performance of “Better Life”

Stripped down to barebones, Atlanta-based multi-genre artist RAHBI performs acoustic version of his track “Better Life” at Sofar Sounds New York. A sunny, eclectic-soul song about self-love, positivity, and being happy and present in the moment. Channeling some of that otherworldly, almost spiritual calming and radiant energy that artists like Prince regularly tapped into, RAHBI’s bright vocals usher in a wave gratitude. But don’t take my word for it—check out “Better…


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We need to talk about non Native people's trivialization of 'spirit animals'

Who doesn’t likes animals? But guess what we like even more — endangered species! They’re so rare and so special, like unique little snowflakes. That’s why Mandy and her friends totally love them.

When asked what ‘spirit animals’ meant, Mandy responded, “You know, like the animal that’s most like you in every way. Or even like another person or whatever you want. Like my spirit animal is a wolf, but also Rihanna.” This point was further confirmed by…


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We celebrate NYC club culture at its most inclusive with Juliana Huxtable and more

May 7: A Bed-Stuy Function with Juliana Huxtable, Tygapaw, Bearcat, Papi Juice, FXWRK and stud1nt (KUNQ) @ Sugarhill

Over the past few years, Bed-Stuy has become a hotbed of innovative dance music and party culture. On May 7, we bring some of the Brooklyn neighborhood’s most groundbreaking party collectives and DJs together at Sugarhill. Juliana Huxtable’s bold creative vision has brought her art and performance pieces to New York’s MoMA, New Museum and the…


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