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Childish Gambino is everybody’s funkalicious baby daddy in new album “Awaken, My Love!”

Donald Glover is having an unbelievable year. With his FX networks show Atlanta speaking to and for Black millennials with unprecedented storytelling, many thought that that would be the only creative output the jack of all trades would have this year. But a few weeks ago, he dropped the first single ‘Me and Your Mama,’ from album “Awaken, My Love!” and we all new that our expectations of the star were humble at most. The new album is unlike anything we’ve heard from Glover’s… Continue

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NOW STREAMING—AFROPUNK Mixtape #024: In The Face Of Evil

With the future Donald Trump administration looming overhead as the Orange One assembles his inexperienced and unqualified billionaire cabinet, we put together a collection of songs that reflect our heavy hearts, frustrations, and most of all our resilience. AFROPUNK Mixtape #024: In The Face Of Evil features politically charged music by A Tribe Called Quest, Willow Smith, Childish Gambino, Askmeificare, BLXPLTN, Iris Gold, and many more. Stream it on…


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Yabás photo editorial strikes back against intolerance of Afro-Brazilian religion candomblé through art

Religious intolerance comes in many forms and is present in every country on this beautifully terrible planet. While the United States reckons with its own gruesome examples of Islamaphobia, in Brazil, a quiet revolution is growing in opposition to the treatment of those who follow candomblé. Candomblé is a religion inherited from Yoruba religion of Nigeria, in which orishas are the deities, who represent the various elements of the earth and personalities that exist upon…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: Queercore / Emo Band MALLRAT Finds Power In Pain On The Cathartic and Necessary Debut EP “every breath a fracture” #SOUNDCHECK

In a tiny living room above The Silent Barn, we crammed around a space barely big enough to fit the drum kit whose bass drum kept slipping, let alone a band and audience. Singer Melo introduced each song with the line “this is a song about trauma and stuff” that moved from uncomfortable, to heartbreaking, to absurd, to hilarious and cathartic, as the band performed the unique magic trick of making songs about personal struggle and pain into an invitation to commune. This is…


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Queer in Nigeria: new short film explores life & violence in a country where queerness is criminalized

Queerness on the continent is often met with persecution, violence, and ostracism, and new legislation has been popping up in West and Central Africa criminalizing gender identity and sexual preference at an alarming rate. New documentary “XIV” is a short film following RXMXT visual artist and aspiring filmmaker from Lagos, currently residing in Galesburg, Illinois, and the struggles as an openly queer person in one of the most “progressive” countries in West Africa, and a…


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Black women entrepreneurs create sustainable, all natural skincare line Limegreen

Entrepreneurs Talima Davis and Allison Lamb are on a mission to provide healthy, sustainable, and all natural skincare products with their new line Limegreen. Inspired by their grandmothers, they thought that the best way to serve is by making skincare products meant to be used in a variety of areas, rather than specializing on a specific area of the body. They ask, “Why do single, when you can do multi?” And the answer to that question is you shouldn’t! Each of their…


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NEW MUSIC: Alternative R&B singer Mélat debuts heavenly vocals on new album “MéVen” featuring Xavier Omar and Sylvan LaCue

R&B is making a major comeback in 2016 and Mélat is making it known that her place right in the thick of it. This revival hasn’t come without significant upgrades and a lot of flavor from the likes of electronica, jazz, and soul, and Mélat’s new “MéVen” project is certainly making waves. Smooth and spicy collaborations from Xavier Omar (formerly SPZRKT) and Sylvan LaCue, this newcomer’s offering is as strong as they come. Honest storytelling and an almost surreal… Continue

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OP-ED: Castro was problematic but his crucial role in the fight against white supremacy is lost on white liberals

On one side I’m seeing celebrations because to them a totalitarian* dictator has finally died (peacefully in his home at age 90), and their argument is that he was evil because many Cubans died, were exiled, and were denied basic freedoms under his regime. Other tamer arguments are that he was a poor leader because his economy fluctuated from ruin to stabilization.

On the other side of this argument (worth noting: from primarily Black and Brown people)…


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Young Black entrepreneurs create a "black Etsy" to connect consumers to African fashion designers

Every year, in time for the holiday season, Black thinkers pontificate on the Black dollar, the power therein, and collective economics. Many people start shaming Black folks who buy mainstream brands and don’t invest money in Black owned business, and although we don’t condone shaming of any kind, we definitely encourage you to take a look at the work of some young entrepreneurs who have shaken up the marketplace by starting the “Black Etsy.” The creators of…


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Documentary Photographer Yagazie Emezi uses her lens to examine the reclamation of scars and education for at-risk Liberian girls

Art is activism and activism is art, and photographer Yagazie Emezi is working for a helluva cause. The young documentarian is using her lens to document Liberia’s at-risk female population, focusing on education and the reclamation of scars. Born and raised in Aba, Nigeria, she went on to study Cultural Anthropology and African Studies in the States before returning to her home to work as a visual curator for Bialere,… Continue

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Upcoming Sly Stone documentary features Bobby Womack, Cornel West and many more

A new documentary on legendary funk and soul trailblazer Sly Stone is coming to Slamdance Festival in January! Best known as the lead singer and producer for Sly and the Family Stone, Sly is often credited for helping to usher in the creative and sonic content that would come to characterize funk, rock, R&B, soul, and psychedelia. On Sly’s impact, Cornel West says that he wouldn’t be who he is without the song ‘Everyday People,’ originally released in 1968 on the album… Continue

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AFROPUNK Brooklyn portrait series captures the effortless essence of Black expression

What’s better than AFROPUNK Brooklyn? Not much, but the art that’s inspired by it is a close second. Photographer Andrew Boyle is using the beauty, poise, and style of AP BK festivalgoers as the muse for his portrait series and the final product is brilliant. Cast against a deep gradient of blue hues, each subject is looking off into the distance, as if to dream of the full freedom their beings exude in the frame. I’m in love with these photos and they’re reminding that…


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VIDEO PREMIERE: Ska band Judge Roughneck join Fishbone's Angelo Moore in cover of classic "Mirror In the Bathroom" in new video

Not many can do justice to classics, but Judge Roughneck and Fishbone’s Angelo Moore combine for this rework of The English Beat’s classic is effortless. "Mirror In The Bathroom" takes Judge Roughneck's blend of ska & reggae to its peak, paying tribute to both the early '80's British 2-Tone movement and the original jazz-laced ska of Jamaica and infused with soul. The in-studio visual showcases the vibrant energy that radiates from this outfit, plenty of soul and…


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Why I decided to dedicate my life to those going through depression and suicidal thoughts

While many people need help, mental health resources can be scarce at times. 350 million people around the world battle some form of depression. Suicide is also the 10th leading cause of death in the United states. The statistics on depression are currently rising.

My name is Jasmin Pierre. I have been an "Afro Punk" contributor for the majority of 2016. I am a self help book author, who writes about mental health, the majority of the time about depression, and…


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NEW MUSIC: Eugenius Explores His Warring Halves On The Dense and Atmospheric 'Create of Habit, Habits of Creatures' #SoundCheck

This much is for damn sure, Phillip Smith does nothing half-assed. The vocalist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist cut his teeth playing in punk and hardcore bands before branching into indie and soul with Silent tongues and hip-hop Eugenius in 2007. His disparate sides get reunited on the Silent tongues / Eugenius split LP Creature of Habit, Habits of Creatures released this past month. The full length spans 17 tracks, features a huge photo zine, and dense…


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AIDs Memorial Quilt founders host workshops to raise awareness about HIV/AIDs in the black community

Over the last three decades, one of the most powerful visual representations of the HIV/AIDs epidemic has been The NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt. A literal memorial quilt created with panels made by…


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Illustrator Goblin Hams is a wizard with the digital illustrations

Goblin Hams is going ham with the digital illustrations, folks. The concept artist and illustrator, given name Paul Davey, is drawing Black women in the most glorious, fantastical depictions he can muster and I AM HERE FOR IT. Black folks in cartoons and comics ain’t nothing new, but I’ll be damned if it ever gets old. Spoiler alert: the drawings are FIRE, the women are POWERFUL, and there are even EMOJIS. Get your entire life and support this young man, because he’s doing…


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NEW MUSIC: Stream blues band Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears announce 4th album with classically soulful single ‘PTP’

Need to be transported to another time and place? Well look no further than blues band Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears. With a name like that, do you expect anything but soul and sweetness? Because that’s exactly what they’re giving you. In new jam ‘PTP,’ lead singer Black Joe rivals the likes of BB King with his raspy tenor, melting over the thick, full-bodied guitar riffs and constant crashing of cymbals and toms. This joint is the perfect treat to entice fans for…


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Meshell Ndegeocello creates theater piece inspired by James Baldwin

The ingenious singer and bassist Meshell Ndegeocello has taken her love for all things creative and made a theater piece for the ages. As a revival of sorts, Meshell is using James Baldwin’s “The Fire Next Time” as the foundation for a conversation about the Black body, queer identity, and freedom. The piece entitled, “Can I Get a Witness? The Gospel of James Baldwin” comes to Harlem Stage December 7-11, staged as a church service, employing music, sermon, text, images, and… Continue

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Why everything has to be about race

My best friend’s name is James.

James was like an older brother to me. He was only two years older than me, but he is still the most charismatic, charming, funniest person I ever met. Men love him. Women love him. He always had an uncanny ability to read people and situations. We call that street smart. He can walk into a room and leave with the adoration of every person in the room. He was unflappable, and always calm. In fact, when we were kids, he was dubbed with…

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