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Black and Native solidarity is paramount and has to go both ways

Solidarity between historically oppressed groups is an important component of a powerful and successful movement. And the black liberation movements have aligned themselves with other people of color around the world. Activist/educator Angela Y. Davis called attention to the need for solidarity in last year’s ‘Freedom Is a…


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Company releases collectible figurine of H.R. of Bad Brains

Japanese toy/collectibles company PressPop is releasing a pretty cool “statuette” figurine of Bad Brains frontman, H.R. The miniature is constructed from PVC and ABS while his clothes are made from real…


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The Hood Incubator creates pipelines to business ownership in legal cannabis for people of color

In 2016, Ebele Ifedigbo, Lanese Martin, and Biseat launched The Hood Incubator, an Oakland based project in response to the wave of cannabis legalization across the country. The project intends to rectify how such legislation does not "address persistent race and class disparities inherent to…


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Old white men have no business making rules about women's health

Old white men are great at a lot of things. Buying stocks. Subsequently destroying the stock market and the economy. Not going to jail for it. Not going to jail for anything. Electing racists and sexists. Colonizing lands. Genocide. Creating little future old white men who do all of those things even better.

One thing they are not…


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Gorillaz drop 4 new tracks and visuals ahead of ‘Humanz’ release

Woo! Start the weekend early with 4 brand new track from Gorillaz. The animated band took over BBC 1 Radio, Radio X, and Beats 1 to drop the new tracks from their forthcoming album, ‘Humanz’. The feature-packed preview delivers on that energy genre-bending futuristic hip-hop we’ve missed from Gorillaz and friends. ‘Humanz’ isn’t out until April 28th, but for now, we’ve got the epic “Ascension” (ft. Vince Staples), “Andromeda” (ft. D.R.A.M.), “Saturnz Barz” (ft. Popcaan) and…


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VIDEO PREMIERE: KNXVES gives a haunting reflection on the violence of human nature in America in "Civilized Pt. 1"

What does civilization mean when so many remain excluded from it, no matter what they do? With his haunting new single, “Civilized Pt. 1”, Bay area based artist KNXVES forces us to answer the question, staring directly into the eyes of the listener as he asks. An intimate meditation on human nature, pain and suffering, "Civilized Pt. 1" is a timely reflection of the emotional implications social oppression has on the mind of oppressed people everywhere.



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Intersex people are proof that nature is not as obsessed as we are with putting people in boxes

Intersex activist Hida Viloria, Image Credit: Hachette Book Group

Gender is a fascinatingly all-encompassing construct. From the moment we are born, most of society reads one of two onto us and insists on treating us accordingly–often violently. These two genders, male and female, inform almost everything; from the colors we are supposed to like, the people we are supposed to be attracted to, the music we are supposed to be drawn to, to the way we are supposed…


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Black entrepreneur launches "Switch Fresh" replaceable deodorant, reducing plastic waste by 96 percent

Buying a plastic bottle that isn't biodegradable nor completely full to begin with, then throwing it in the trash each month probably isn't the greatest thing for the environment. That's why Chicago native Antoine Wade launched an Indiegogo campaign for Switch Fresh, a personalizable deodorant with refillable cartridges. In comparison to other products, Switch…


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Acknowledging bi-racial women as black is not a threat to other black women

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to marry a black-ass person and have black-ass kids. But pretending that this is the only way to lead an “authentically” black life and have “authentically” black children is a problematic mess.

When we (the black community) talk about light skin privilege, many people want to simplify the conversation about colorism to “we’re all black”, “the police see you as black.” Isn’t this argument more true for non-white passing mixed…


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Carbon-ar’s afrofuturistic designs turn styling combs into artwork

Carbon-ar is a black-owned, Oakland-based media creator that’s putting an artistic, pro-black spin on the wide-tooth styling comb. These beautiful pieces are made from sustainable hardwoods and are crafted and produced locally. Each comb is made using “furniture construction techniques” for maximum style as well as functionality. The combs are each adorned with…


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Black girls go missing from the focus of our movements long before they go missing from our streets

"What happens when Black girls look clear in the moonlight, daylight, sunset?" - Makayla Posley, NY-based Poet.

Last week, the D.C. metropolitan police department tweeted about the disappearance of 10 teenagers considered “critically missing,” all of whom were Black or Brown. Usually (and horrifically), these type of developments fly under the radar, but when Twitter…


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Make America Smart Again: we cannot let mediocrity be the new standard

Donald Trump is really something else. Living under his rule definitely seems the zap more than just a few brain cells, and I can only hope they are being used by him and his staff because they very sorely need them. What did he do now, you ask? I don't even know. Maybe it was the fact that there was a… Continue

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NEW MUSIC: Turn It Up! 45 Adapters' Latest EP 'They Call It Justice' Is An Irresistible Blast of Street Punk #SoundCheck

When an EP's opening line is “Whatever happened to Habeas Corpus?” you know you're in for some serious shit. Brooklyn-based street punk band 45 Adapters have never shied away from important topics, despite their jokey reference to being a band that “dress well and drink heavily.” Their latest EP They Call It Justice tackles the prison industrial complex, consumerism, and nationalism, all through their timeless style of dive bar punk rock. If you're not shouting along with…


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PREMIERE: Nula takes us on a journey through the devastating loss of love in emotional new single "Us"

Goldsmiths graduates and New Cross natives Luke Osborne and Diane N Adu-Gyamfi form Nula, an alternative R'n'B/indie electronica duo with a bittersweet edge. Their unique electronic sound is inspired by contemporary Trip-Hop and the wispier aspects of 90's gospel.

Nula's debut single "Us" features the duo writing, producing and playing every instrument on the penetrating track about fractured love. "‘Us' was written on a bus journey from waterloo to new cross.…


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Hey TERFs, being trans inclusive doesn't take anything away from your womanhood

During International Women’s Day, I noticed a recurring theme that made me sick: ciswomen clamoring to shut down, marginalize, and otherize transgender women on what these ciswomen described it as “their day”.

But being trans in and of itself is the difference of experiences of womanhood. It’s not less than, it’s not removed from womanhood—it is purely a difference in experiences. This difference is relevant when we talk about oppression, but it’s not…


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Denying your light skin privilege is harmful to the Black community as a whole

“Stop dividing us!” “We’re all black at the end of the day.” “There is no #TeamLightSkin/#TeamDarkSkin!”

Let’s cut the crap—nothing is as simple as “We’re all ______.” It’s nice to be reminded that we’re all in this together, human solidarity and back solidarity are beautiful things. They're just not the only things. And when we don’t acknowledge the realities of the bad stuff, we let them fester and we leave others, the people we claim to be in solidarity with,…


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PREMIERE: Music legend André Cymone returns with bracing new track "Money" from upcoming album

Before André Cymone became a world-renowned studio musician and producer, he was a teenager who found a kindred spirit in another prodigious young classmate, Prince. The two began playing in bands together, helping lay the foundation for a revolutionary Minneapolis sound–blending jazz, blues, and Motown–that would alter the face of popular music.

Cymone broke away from Prince’s band to launch a solo career in the early '80s, releasing three critically…


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Why do white liberal artists love Black death so much?

“I wanted the world to see what they did to my baby.” - Mamie Till, mother of Emmett Till, on her decision to put her son’s mutilated body on plain view during his open-casket funeral. Till was only 14-year-old years old when he was lynched and deformed beyond recognition in 1955 after being falsely accused of harassing a white woman.

At this year’s Whitney Biennial in New York, a painting…

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Photo Series: "Pure Black" challenges limitations around Blackness

Sam Gonçalves is an Afro-Brazilian model with vitiligo who partnered with Haitian model Jean Woolmay Denson Pierre for a photo series called "Pure Black". Shot by photographer Vinicius Costa, the series is meant to push back against the ways we limit our conception of what Blackness can look like. "We just want to show the world that Black is Black, no matter what," says Gonçalves. "We all suffer. We are Black." Incredible!…


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Photo series: MAN UP - A Boy's Struggle for Male Sensitivity

A few months ago, 17-year-old Towela Kams, a Botswana based photographer, decided she wanted to do a project addressing male sensitivity as a response to hearing the phrase "man up." Having always centered misfits, outcasts and the misunderstood in her work, it made sense for Kams to eventually tackle gender norms, but she also felt the project needed a male perspective to be authentic.

A natural collaborator, she partnered with Amogelang Tshenyo, a…


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