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Salvador-based La Frida bike project combines biking and art to empower Black women to have healthier lifestyles

La Frida is a project created by self-proclaimed Black "cycloativistis." The project unites biking and street art to encourage urban mobility among Black women by amplifying their voices and encouraging them to occupy more spaces in public life. The project teaches women and girls to ride bikes while creating a “moving home” for them to express and share art and poetry. Paying particular attention to the way racism and sexism impede Black women from positive interpersonal…


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Comic series follows brilliant scientist who channels Dr. Frankenstein after police kill her son

Author Victor LaValle’s Destroyer is a new six-issue limited comic book series that follows a brilliant Black scientist, Josephine Baker, who is grief-stricken after her 12-year-old son is killed by the police. Baker also happens to be the last living descendent of Dr. Frankenstein. In an interview with NPR, LaValle explained that his interest in writing his own Frankenstein had more to do with its creator Mary Shelley than the…


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Street art project paints positive inspiration for South African youths away from cycles of violence and abuse

ph/t HealOurHome is a street art project created by South African visual artist Imraan Christian, aimed at uplifting the young people of the community in the face of an intense increase in gang and domestic violence. Using photographs Imaraan shot with kids from the Harvest Youth Program in Hangberg, he transformed the images them into murals. The HYP is a visual and performing arts center for young people who have been affected by gang-related violence. The supportive…


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Queer musicians from around world release Rainbow Riots album to resist homophobia

Largely with the help of colonial globalization of patriarchal European standards, queer and transantagonism is an unfortunate staple of most of the world. Swedish music producer Petter Wallenberg from The House of Wallenberg hopes to use his talents, and the talents of queer people around the world, to change this. Wallenberg is behind The Rainbow Riots album, described as "a protest musical repertoire that features queer artists from all over the world." The album…


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No, interracial love is not “saving America”

This year is the 50th anniversary of Loving vs. Virginia, the famous Supreme Court case that officially overturned state laws prohibiting interracial marriage. Predictably, this has been accompanied by a flurry of events, films, articles, and even songs celebrating this moment as a milestone in the history of America’s journey toward racial…


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Stop hoping “the shooter” isn’t Black.

Consider how much death and destruction has been permitted that there is even a such thing as “the shooter,” in quotations. Terror has become such a commonly wielded weapon that “the shooter,” the terrorist, is now an archetype, ready to appear at any moment, anywhere, for the foreseeable future and beyond.

And every time he does, without fail, there is an overwhelming faction of Black folks who hope and pray he isn’t one of us.…


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We need Valerie Castile’s righteous Black rage

A little under a year ago on July 6th, Philando Castile was shot and killed by officer Jeronimo Yanez while driving with his girlfriend and her four-year-old daughter. What was supposed to be a simple traffic stop turned into a death sentence for Castile —an occurrence that is beginning to seem routine for Black people.

Castile’s death went viral causing mass protests and uprisings across the U.S. and particularly across Minnesota, where the killing…


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Pioneering comic book store owner Ariell Johnson just got a $50,000 grant to help make comics more diverse

Ariell Johnson, owner of Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse, was the first black woman to own a comic book store on the East Coast in December 2015. This year, the inclusionary entrepreneur was chosen out of more than 4,500 applicants by the Knight Foundation to win a…


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VIDEO PREMIERE: Jamaican dub legend Lee ”Scratch” Perry’s historic vocals find new life in Sherwood & Pinch’s “Lies”

New music from Sherwood & Pinch (On-U Sound vs Tectonic ) featuring the soothing vocals of Jamaican dub legend Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry! A chillwave, jazz-flavored remix of Lee Scratch Perry’s vocals from about 15 years ago, “Lies” is an unexpected and refreshing mashup about the new era of “fake news” and fake politicians.

"I’m totally pleased with this one," Sherwood tells AFROPUNK. "I played it to Lee Perry and he loves it too. This is a historic vocal from a…


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'Dark Justice' web series hits on the absurdity of white racism through satire

An absurdist comedy web series, ‘Dark Justice’ makes tongue in cheek commentary on racism, police brutality, inequality in the justice system, and living in a predominately white community, told from the perspective of a black cop, Amir Johnson. Goofy for sure, hilariously painful at times, ‘Dark Justice’ offers a laugh break from the absurdity that is our reality. ‘Dark Justice’ just wrapped its second season, so check it out below. Stream season 1,…


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NEW MUSIC: Queer Brooklyn MC Cakes Da Killa joins DJ Shiftee in new party anthem "Take Ova"

Prominent New York DJ Shiftee and Queer rapper phenom Cakes Da Killa are back together and giving us the party anthem of the summer we never knew we needed. Having previously collaborated on the 2015 track "Drop Top", the two artists bring their talents together once again on "Take Ova", a high-energy electronica infused hip-hop joint. The collaboration is part of Shiftee's latest project, an ongoing EP series, and the feel-yourself track makes perfect sense among the other…


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Black Magazine demonstrates "Black Beauty" in stunning editorial by Australian beauty editor Justin Henry and photographer Tintin Hedberg

Everything looks better with melanin. If you don't believe me, take a look at Black Magazine's latest fashion editorial, aptly titled "Black Beauty". Frequent collaborators, Australian Senior Hair and Beauty Editor, Justin Henry teamed up with photographer Tintin Hedberg of Hell Studio's to literally shoot some Black beauty! Take a look at some of the stunning images below!:…


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With taxes, Black people unwillingly finance their own oppression

“The victim did everything right, everything he was supposed to do. The victim was very respectful, very polite, letting the officer know what he was doing. None of that made a difference.” — Paul Butler, law professor at Georgetown University and former federal prosecutor

This quote is taken from a New York…


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Visual artist JG channels the lords of anime for his larger than life characters

Check out the trippy illustrations of visual artist JG. Clearly inspired by geek culture and anime, JG’s characters lean more in the direction of machismo buff dudes who do stuff and busty women who look good, so it would be really cool to see some babes ready for whoop some ass. But, JG’s characters, even the quick pieces he whips up in 30 minutes are of larger than life characters that seem to radiate with rage, passion, and strength. Check out a few of our favs…


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NEW MUSIC: Memphis hardcore punk trio Negro Terror tears it up on their debut EP 'The Bootlegg' #SoundCheck

That classic hardcore sound will never die. Coming from Memphis, hardcore / oi band Negro Terror's debut EP is a ferocious opening salvo. The band keeps things stripped down and straight ahead, though the 5 minute “We Need Support” pushes their boundaries jumping from the EP's fastest tempo to an epic breakdown. “Limb From Limb's” deathcore nods add some surprising and welcome variety to the EP, but at their heart, Negro Terror are at their best when they're keeping things…


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Kalief Browder’s brother running for NYC mayor: "I lost my mother, I lost my brother. I have nothing else to lose"

Akeem Browder lost his brother in 2015 and his mother just a year later, but hopes to continue their legacy by stepping into the political arena. As Browder confirmed to The Huffington Post Monday, the 34-year-old is throwing his hat into the ring and running for mayor of New York City.

“I lost my…


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The new Philando Castile footage confirms that gun rights are only for white people

The new dashcam footage released yesterday of the police shooting murder of Philando Castile and another painful dimension to the modern day lynching that demonstrate, yet again, that the fear of black skin can be used as a scapegoat to take black people’s lives. But additionally, that “gun rights” are, like many things,…


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Community-minded social entrepreneurship residency Red Bull Amaphiko Academy heads to Baltimore for the first time

Red Bull Amaphiko, Red Bull's 10-day launch pad camp for grassroots social entrepreneurs who are working to make positive improvements in their communities, is headed to the States! At Red Bull Amaphiko, like-minded, solution-driven creatives and future (and current) business owners have the chance to collaborate on ideas, draw inspiration from each other, develop…


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NEW MUSIC: New York-based rocker Militia Vox gives an ode to insomnia in dark and passionate new single "Nyctophilia"

NYCTOPHILIA: nyc-to-phil-i-a noun. A love or preference for the night or darkness.

After making waves as the front-woman for the bands Judas Priestess and Swear On Your Life, Maryland-born, New York-based rock singer Militia Vox debuted as a solo act in 2013, and quickly became known as the "Rock Goddess" of the Afropunk movement. The singer has since performed with legends like Twisted Sister, Living Colour, Taylor Dayne, Sandra Bernhard, Nancy Sinatra,…


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Sickle cell disease is still a silent killer for Black people

Yesterday, Kathy Iandoli, the co-author of one of rapper Prodigy's books announced that the legendary musician and one half of the hip hop duo Mobb Deep died at 42. A cause of death has not yet been released, but the artist had been hospitalized for complications caused by sickle cell anemia prior to his death, Iandoli told…


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